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Prop 8 Recall Attempt Against Chief Justice George

Supporters of Prop 8 in California have begun an effort to recall Chief Justice Ronald M. George because of his decision in support of gay California citizens to enjoy the same right to marriage as straight citizens. They are gathering signatures and “doing groundwork”. They have a website up collecting names, but I don’t want to link to it.

My friend and I put together a website to collect the names of people willing to support Chief Justice George in case of an actual recall. Though the recall would be in 2010, I believe it is important to begin building a base of people willing to support him to counteract the threats of recall.

I need help getting the word out about our site. Please go and sign our petition and then pass the word. I cross posted this at DailyKos and I’m putting it out to as many places as I can think of, but any suggestions on places to post would be appreciated. I’m a brand new member here because someone at Kos suggested that I cross post it here. I’m looking forward to getting to know this community.