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Gotta Love Ignorant Nativists

Oh wait, you actually don’t have to love them.  This phone message was received at Sen. Leland Yee’s office recently regarding his language discrimination bill, SB 242. The bill would include language discrimination into the Unruh Civil Rights Act.  A reasonable idea, all in all, but obviously controversial. (By the by, the bill does have a business purposes exception.)

Anyway, this ignorant nativist decided to give Sen. Yee a piece of her mind. She was really angry that there were people talking on her radio. She was sure they were not in the country illegal, because they had the nerve to use another language.

If anything the call illustrates the need for this legislation.  This woman apparently forgot that in fact the European immigrants were not here first.  I have a hunch that the Native Americans might have a bit of an argument about who was here first.

But my favorite part was the end: “Leland, which is a white name.”  This lady is mad that immigrants come to America and try to change it. Then she’s mad that he has a “white name.” Classic.