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Pasadena Blocks Electric Car Crushing

(California should be the world’s leader in electric cars, a technology still worthy of investment. And we still can be, see today’s SF Chron for a story about Tesla motors, a Bay Area electric car company. – promoted by SFBrianCL)

Evidently, Pasadena has been staring down the barrel of the end of its electric car fleet leases. 

The great story: Pasadena government employees blocked the trucks sent by Nissan to pick up and presumably destroy the cars.  We have heard the story about the GM eVs in California, and it is happening again.

While there are only 11 vehicles, evidently they still run great and are incredibly efficient.

Here is the basic story:

Pasadena Star News. . .

But the real news today is that someone stood up and stopped it.  They likely don’t have a legal leg to stand on, but public action could create problems, and I would encourage a little post-CT rage against the machine.

If we stand up and make noise, Nissan will look poorly. 

Note, my source for today’s news was AirAmerica, and I have had a very hard time confirming it in the MSM.  Any Pasadenites?


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