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CA-32 mail-a-palooza–with official statement from Cedillo’s campaign manager

Over the past couple of days, my email box has become a lightning rod for supporters of various candidates in in CA-32 special election, many of whom have been communicating alternately their approval or dismay at my post concerning the recent mailer from the Cedillo team.

I was also contacted by Gil Cedillo’s campaign manager Derek Humphrey, who provided me with this quote in defense of the mailer:

A number of people contacted our campaign about the Pleitez facebook page.  I think they were really shocked to see these pictures of him partying and drinking on what is essentially an extension of his campaign website.  These are recent photos that any internet user can easily access.    

I am sure it’s common place for a 26 year old recent college graduate to post photos to their facebook page that glamorize drinking, partying, and dancing on tables.  But, members of Congress and elected officials are role models for young men and women in their community and their behaviors reflect their character.

But you know what I really like to get in my inbox?  The ones that provide me PDF’s or images of the mailers that other campaigns are sending out–because those provide me not only more material to cover for the race, but in some cases an increasing amount of hilarity.

So without further ado, below the fold I present you…

CA-32 mail-a-palooza!  Images and mild commentary below the fold.

Now, the first thing I should mention is that many Cedillo supporters–even those who agreed that the mailer by the Senator’s campaign was excessive–have pointed out that Pleitez’ campaign was the first to go negative and sent out an attack mailer against Chu and Cedillo.  Here, then, is that mailer:

Pleitez attack mailer

Now, it does disappoint me to see Democrats go after other Democrats–and faulting Chu and Cedillo for everything that’s wrong with California’s budget is an exaggeration, to put it mildly.  First, because Cedillo has been progressive–to my knowledge, at least–on budget issues, and second, because Chu doesn’t really have much to do with that as a member of what is primarily a tax collecting agency.  Does this negative political attack on the experience and legislative activity of Chu and Cedillo justify the more personal attack that was made on Pleitez?  That is something I wait for other readers to decide.  The only thing I leave you with is, yes, Pleitez attacked first.

I’ve also received a few complaints about another mailer from Pleitez.  This one’s not a negative piece, but here it is nonetheless, or at least the first page:

Pleitez Democratic mailer

The objection here, as you might surmise, is that the mailer seems to claim an endorsement from Obama, Clinton and Villaraigosa, whereas Obama and Clinton certainly haven’t endorsed in this race, and Villaraigosa has endorsed Judy Chu–and that has rankled some members of other campaigns.  I wasn’t sent the other side or internal elements of the mailer (if there are any) to see if that effect is mitigated or enhanced by any other part of the piece.

But I like to save the best for last: the attack mailer sent out by Judy Chu’s namesake and distant affine, current Republican Monterey Park City Councilmember Betty Tom Chu.  Here is is, front and back.



Now, since this mailer comes from a Republican, I have no issues with excoriating it.  Let’s take the front.  First, the line “how to spot a loser” is hilarious on its face for its lack of professionalism.  “Loser”?  But what’s even worse is the fact that moles appear to have been photoshopped onto Judy Chu’s face–making the use of the word “spot” quite ironic.

Next up, of course, are the negative characterizations of Chu’s activities on the board of equalization.  Such as:

Wrote a law to forgive tax cheaters

This, of course, is referring to Chu’s lead role in the tax amnesty bill, which allowed for a window for forgiveness of penalties on belated tax returns.  According to the BoE website, this was a huge success that brought in billions in previously uncollected revenue.


Next one is just as good:

Granted refunds to corporations that gave her campaign donations

This one is notable because, to be completely honest, Cedillo used the same misleading attack.  Yes, Chu voted for routine tax refunds of overpayments.  Businesses like the one I run are required to pay estimated taxes for the year on a quarterly schedule ahead of time.  If we pay too much, we get the excess payments refunded.

It’s an easy negative attack against Chu because while the content of the statement is true, the moral implications are absolutely false.

The other side is equally entertaining–especially the…interesting…picture of Mayor Venti, as well as the line, “Judy, on the other hand, has none of these qualities.”  That reminds me of the now-infamous line from the DailyKos hatemail Saturdays: The Lord Rebuke you!  Classic.

And for that reason, Betty Tom Chu wins the award for…WORST MAILER IN THE WORLD!!!

P.S. if anyone has any other mailers by anyone, for anyone, or against anyone in the CA-32 race, please send them my way:

hekebolos at gmail dot com