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Tauscher’s take on people powered politics

(I did indeed encourage this story to be posted here. It is really is all about Tauscher’s relationship with her constituents. – promoted by juls)

Before I begin I warn you I have never posted a blog before.  I have commented on a few posts at DailyKos and was told by juls that I should post my experience with Tauscher here so here it is.

I am a very active democrat, especially for my age group.  I am 18 years old and a senior at Acalanes High School.  I am the Youth Outreach Coordinator of the Lamorinda Democratic Club, President and Founder of the Acalanes Democratic Club, member of East Bay for Democracy and East Bay Young Democrats, and during the next several months will be working to create a Contra Costa County Young Democrats.  Despite all this involvement, I have only seen Tauscher speak once.  Maybe this is because, as a Congresswoman, Tauscher’s in DC all the time (which I doubt is the reason because I’ve heard Miller speak 3 or 4 times) but I suspect that it is more because she does not like dealing with local clubs knowing that she will be put under the spotlight and actually asked tough questions.  Surprisingly enough she agreed to speak on the topic of Nuclear Bunker Busters and the Possibility of U.S. Intervention in Iran for the Mt. Diablo Peace Center on June 10, 2006.

At the beginning she seemed a bit arrogant but with good policies.  She told us multiple times that we were a smart district and that’s why we have a smart representative (as opposed to all the stupid districts out there) and stated that Kucinich ran for President in 2004 as a ploy to get a girlfriend.  That aside, her policies sounded good.  She made it very clear that she did not approve of how the War in Iraq was being handled,  that she opposed the testing of new nuclear technology, and even promised to sign on to Kucinich’s Department of Peace bill (and she followed through on the promise).

Unfortunately, things began to deteriorate once she started taking questions.  She fielded her questions on Iraq, Iran, and Nuclear Bunker Busters fairly well but the topic soon turned to the midterm elections.  One person asked why the Democrat’s didn’t have a set, united platform.  Tauscher responded that they did.  After multiple people further questioned about what the platform was and why we didn’t know about it, Tauscher expressed her disappointment that we (remember, we’re a smart district) hadn’t done our research and that if we simply went to her website we’d find her policies.  Now, of course this answered no questions because we wanted to know about a united Democratic platform not one Congresswoman’s platform.  Finally one person got to the point and asked the right question.  He wanted a united Democratic platform that was simple and easy for Americans to understand, one similar to the Republican’s Contract with America which helped them win in 1994.  Tauscher paused a moment and then asked the man if he was a professional activist or politician.  The man smiled, shook his head, and responded that he was a doctor.  Tauscher promptly replied that she doesn’t plan on performing surgery just because she saw it on TV.

As you might assume, the meeting ended shortly after that and Tauscher did not stick around to shake hands.  After that meeting I swore I would never vote for Tauscher.  It didn’t matter that she had well thought out answers to the topics of Iraq, Iran, and Nuclear Bunker Busters or that her record on social issues is quite decent.  I wasn’t even taking into account her terribly pro-corporate stance on economics.  I could not and still cannot vote for Tauscher because she does not believe that we the people should run our government.  Her belief that government is for professional activists and politicians undermines all that netroots, grassroots, and the Democratic Party should stand for.  If we want to remain in control of the House and Senate, if we wish to take back the White House, than we’ve got to be the party of the people and it’s Democrats like Tauscher that are standing in our way.

GovernorPhil.com, a people powered website to elect next CA-Gov, Launches!

(Hey all you Calitics readers…can you do us a favor and recommend neutron’s dKos x-post of this diary.. – promoted by SFBrianCL)

I am very, very pleased to announce the launch of the website GovernorPhil.com. Inspired by Raising Kaine in Virginia, that helped elect Tim Kaine governor of Virginia (and soon, Jim Webb), and Lamont blog which recently helped win the nomination for Ned Lamont in the Connecticut Democratic primary.

GovernorPhil.com is another in a series of people powered grassroots websites. In this case put together by a dedicated group of blogosphere types, (aka: myself, Conan Newton, ex-director of Bands Against Bush, long time poster to dkos, mydd, and others, Brian Leubitz (aka: utbriancl) of Calitics, Jenifer Fernandez Ancona (aka: jra) of Power PAC, Dan Ancona (aka: da)of SpeakOutCalifornia.org, Frank D. Russo of The California Progress Report and many more.

Quite simply, this election is not just about the current California recall governor. Certainly that guy is odious, in the pocket of big business and the extreme right wing, all the while acting the part of a moderate. However, while pointing out the current govenor’s lies, misdirections, and dangerous policis, this site is designing to be about helping present the vision and character of California’s next Governor, Philip Nicholas Angelides. Or as we hope to call him soon. Governor Phil

More behind the cut.

The idea behind Governor Phil is two fold, first we want to fill in the gaps from the campaign site, and provide information, commentary and news that might otherwise be lost in the shuffle. Many in the lap dog are so enraptured by the Actor/Recall Governor that they will simply print his press releases as fact. GovernorPhil is designed to be more then just a cheerleading site, we are here for one of the things the blogosphere does best, rapid response as well.

We’re not under the impression we’re reinventing the wheel here, we just want to take what we’ve learned in Virginia and Connecticut and use it here in blue California.

The fact of the matter is that Phil Angelides is the man with the plan, he is a real reformer, his policies are excellent, and he will be the best governor this state has seen in quite some time, he is in it, to win it, but he needs our muscle to  help get there.

  Phil envisions a California:

  * Where people are always given more chances to climb the ladder of opportunity.
  * Where we truly support hard-working families rather than lavish more on those who have the most.
  * Where education is truly our first priority, so all of our kids have the best teachers, the best textbooks, the best technology, the smallest class sizes, and all the help they need to feed their hungry young minds.
  * Where higher education is truly affordable to everyone, so all of our young people can compete for and win the high-wage jobs of the future.
  * Where we expand health care for working Californians and their children, and then move on to universal health care — making our state a model for the nation.
  * Where we lead the fight against global warming, becoming a national leader in clean, alternative energy.
  * Where we have the courage and vision to achieve these goals by making sure that everyone contributes their fair share to our state.

That is the California we can build together.

It will not be easy. But Phil has the strength of conviction to lead this difficult task. In his own words, this is how he describes his motivation:

“My father always told me: for every advantage you have been given, remember, there are people who work fifteen hours a day just to survive, people who never get a break from anyone. He told me: don’t ever, ever forget them.

If you elect me as your Governor, I won’t forget. I will give everything I have to make this state the home to your hopes, your own California dream.”

Now, we of GovernorPhil.com understand that there are many Californians out there who are upset about how the primary played out. We also understand that there are many of you out there with strong opinions on how the campaign is being run, some of us share your concerns, but we are here to help fill in the gaps with a little elbow grease and people power.

In most situations, you will find there are three choices, you can be part of the solution, part of the problem, or part of the scenery. As far as this election goes, we of the Governor Phil group are determined to be part of the solution, and would love it if you all would come along.

You’ll notice a lot of answers to popular questions at the PhAQ.

And we have links to ways you can get involved.

So please check out and bookmark GovernorPhil.com, spread the word to whoever you know.

Together we can make Governor Phil a reality, and take back California.