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Our First Boxer Virtual Fundraiser

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It’s great to be here blogging with you at Calitics!  I look forward to stopping by regularly and working with you in the weeks and months ahead.

As you probably know, I’m running for re-election in 2010, and our June 30th fundraising deadline is rapidly approaching.  It’s important that we post solid numbers at the end of each quarter to show our potential right-wing opponents that we’re ready for anything they throw at us. But this deadline is even more important than most.

Why? (Edit by Brian…See the flip)

Because we understand that former HP CEO Carly Fiorina is poised to jump in the 2010 Senate race any day now. She’ll be the best-funded opponent I’ve ever faced, with nearly unlimited personal resources to pour into the campaign. We need to be ready to match her deep pockets with the grassroots support of friends like you.

So at this critical juncture, we’re going to do something truly unique – and I hope you’ll be a part of it!

On Tuesday, June 30th, at 6:15pm PT / 9:15pm ET, we’ll be hosting our first ever Boxer Virtual Fundraiser. You don’t need to drive anywhere, or get dressed up, or find a babysitter for the kids. In fact, all you need to do is jump online to join us.

During next Tuesday’s Boxer Virtual Fundraiser, I’ll be speaking to you live via webcast from San Francisco. I’ll share the latest information about the campaign and answer some of your questions in real-time – and you can just tune in over the internet to watch, listen, and participate.

Plus, because this is a virtual fundraiser, we don’t need to rent a room or pay for food and drinks. So 100% of your contribution will go directly into our Media Fund, preparing us for the attacks that are sure to come.

We’ve made it easy and affordable for everyone to participate in this grassroots fundraiser – and I hope you will.

Please click here to RSVP for our first Boxer Virtual Fundraiser now — and join us online next Tuesday at 6:15pm PT!

We’re going to have to get creative and pull out all the stops to win in 2010 – and next Tuesday’s online virtual fundraiser is just the first step.

Thanks so much for your continued support. I look forward to speaking to you Tuesday night!