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Palin to Speak in Simi Valley


I opened the Ventura County Star this morning to learn (from the top headline, no less) that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin will appear at a fundraiser for the Republican Women Federated of Simi Valley next month.

Oh the shame, the shame this brings upon my beloved Ventura County!

Even thought they’ve returned Elton Gallegly to Congress for 22 wasted years, and provided Sacramento with the “Donnie and Marie” of California politics (Audra and Tony Strickland) I have always took comfort in the hope that Ventura County’s Republicans weren’t as clueless as Orange County’s.

No more. Our humiliation is complete.

But wait, the event is expected to draw 900 people to that famous “Hanger on the Hilltop”, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. They’ll be charging $150 a plate for the seats… $100 for members, deal!

$150 a plate for a Republican state governor, Conservative Icon, and recent national-ticket Rockstar?

Who should be embarrassed here? Ventura County… or Gov. Sarah Palin?