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Notes from the Adam SChiff Town Hall

(More info the better… – promoted by Brian Leubitz)

I wasn’t able to attend myself, but some early feed back from those who did shows just how hollow the opposition to reform really is:

“I’m still amazed at the people who are believing the lies and mis-truths….I’m still trying to wrap my head around all this.  The LaRouche group of young people astounds me especially carrying around pictures of Obama as Hitler.”


“My neighbor engaged a young moron carrying a sign comparing Obama to Hitler and she told him that his sign was an insult to the Holocaust and the people affected.  The moron told my neighbor that he has spoken with Holocaust survivors.  My neighbor retorted by saying, you are in your 20s and YOU spoke with Holocaust survivors?  You are a liar!!!

Another moron was carrying a sign showing a violent act of a person beating another.  [She] asked the lady about her sign and her response was that an SEIU member beat up a black  pastor (I think).  When [she] asked her for the name of the black pastor, she walked away.”


“Last night, I asked every person who approached me, “who paid for the printing”, “who are you advocating for”, “what corporation sponsored this?”  What everyone should know is that it’s being paid for and disseminated by the Lyndon Larouche PAC!  I asked every person I saw who was carrying any nazi regalia, and they all (almost proudly) admitted that it was paid for by the Larouche organization.  Most of the people handing out the nazi info were boys in their 20s, and several admitted that they were being paid to be there and distribute fliers.

The booklets they were distributing had a cover that was an extremely expensive glossy photo of the Nazi High Command, with Obama’s face imposed into the picture and standing in discussions with Hitler.  The fliers were high quality, and they had thousands of them to distribute.  The printing costs-for that event alone-had to be enormous.”