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A CA-10 Driveby

As one might guess from my handle, I am a birder.  This time of year is one of nature’s spectacles, as Swainsons Hawks gather in the farmlands south of Davis before migrating to Argentina for the winter.  This morning I decided to drive from my home on the peninsula to see this.

It so happens that this is also part of CA-10, where there is a campaign…  So, I decided to pay attention to the yard-signs, as a very unscientific measure of enthusiasm for the candidates.  I drove through Fairfield, past Travis, and into the farmlands bordered by CA-12, I-80, and the Sacramento River Deep Water Canal.  All the signs, with the exception of some signs for John Garamendi, were in Fairfield.

The most obvious signs were those for Anthony Woods.  He’s got the best corners staked out so far!  The most numerous were John Garamendi.  (They were also the most attractive.)  One house had a lot of Joan Buchanan signs, but none were apparent anywhere else.  There were no signs for any other candidates.  Of course, that may also represent how the candidates have chosen to allocate their money.  Still, I thought it was interesting, albeit unscientific.

Oh, the hawks were magnificent this year, too.