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Billionaires for Wealth Care Steal the Show in San Diego

It was a scorcher out in east San Diego County on Saturday afternoon as the crowd gathered to attend Congresswoman Susan Davis’ Health Care Town Hall.  The east county has traditionally been a haven for right-wing fringe groups, and they were out in full force for this event.  As we approached the Spring Valley Gymnasium, we were greeted by members of the John Birch Society handing out DVD’s so we’d understand how the Constitution works.  The driveway was lined with a motley collection of birthers, deathers, Jesus freaks and anti-abortion protestors.

By the time the doors to the event opened at noon, it was well over 100 degrees outside, with a blazing sun and no breeze whatsoever. And the crowd had grown significantly larger than the 1000 seats available in the gymnasium.  A quick check of the signs that people were carrying seemed to indicate that pro-health care reform forces had succeeded in mobilizing a significant majority of the multitude.

For those lucky enough to get inside the Town Hall, the air conditioning was working just fine.  Those stuck outside were fortunate that the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department

had the foresight to provide a generous supply of bottled water.

Inside the hall, pro and anti reform forces traded chants, and paraded back and forth showing off their signs to the crowd.  There were a few instances of heated words being exchanged, but by and large, things were civil.  Things were settling down to a dull roar, when a full throated cheer filled the room.

Entering through the doors were…. Billionaires For Wealth Care, a collection of men and women dressed to the nines, carrying signs, waving and blowing kisses to the crowd.  The signs, which included “Don’t Tax My Face Lift”, “Keep the Money Flowing”,  and “A 428% Increase in Premium Costs is Just Good Business”, had the effect of confusing the anti-reform crowd.  Finally, they got it and it turned briefly ugly as threats were made.

Luckily, Rep. Davis’ people decided to start the Town Hall at that point.  The Billionaires left the building shortly thereafter, getting into a super stretch limo parked out front.  Look for additional coverage of the San Diego Health Care Town Hall, along with photographs, at OBRag.org.