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Democrats can pass a Green Jobs bill

I have to hand it to Nancy Skinner (AD-14).  She understands what it takes to get the public to be responsible for their own energy use and cost.  Her sponsorship of AB560 would expand the amount of independently produced solar energy that the states utilities are required to buy from 2.5% to 5.0 percent.  The mechanism is called net metering. It did not even get out of committee.

Today’s SF Chronicle calls this a blow to Green Jobs, obviously thinking of the manufacturers and installers of solar panels and associated equipment.  I happen to agree.  It is also a blow to every homeowner in the state and a move that would allow the mega-corporations to keep all of the Green $$ for themselves.

I wonder what Van Jones thinks of this.  It would seem to me that he would have a definite interest in expanding the opportunities.  If the Democrats are not going to support controlling the ghg’s from electricity generation and providing the opportunity for there to actually be as many green jobs as he wants, there is another party that would welcome him to join.  Greens are interested in Green Jobs, and in fixing climate change.  We invite him over as the Democrats show that they just don’t get it… once more.