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Lesbian seniors lead the way in WA Approve 71 ad campaign

The Approve71 campaign to preserve Washington state’s domestic partnership law has released the first tv ad, called Together.  Dominic over at SLOG dubbed it Adorable Lesbians, and I think he got it just right.  Thank you Pete-e and Jane!

Jane: Pete-e and I have been together for 32 years.  We were both in nursing, and Pete-e served in the Korean War.  

We raised a daughter together, and she and her husband have given us two beautiful grandchildren.  

Now that we are getting older, we need to be able to take care of each other, especially if one of us is ill.

Voiceover: Don’t take away protections for committed couples like family medical leave or extending health insurance coverage to a partner.  Vote to approve Referendum 71.

Jane: For all Washington families.

Voiceover: Paid for by Washington Families Standing Together.

Joe over at Step Forward says

I think it is a beautiful ad that humanizes this very important issue. Real people and their lives will be affected dramatically by what voters chose to do with their ballots later next week. I hope you choose to approve 71 to help families like this take care of themselves. I certainly will.

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