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Names To Live In Infamy_Stupak, Ellsworth, Kaptur, Kahlkemper, Lipinski


In the wee hours last weekend, five Democrats participated in the ultimate in deal-making.

Bringing forward the anti-abortion issue to take away a woman’s right to choose, Stupak, Ellsworth, Kaptur,Lipinski, and Kahlkemper joined with Republicans, Pitts and Smith, to add kerosene to an already extremely disappointing bill that has now been kicked over to the Senate where the MEGA bought-outs will now start taking their shots.

Our former vice presidential candidate, who was kept in his committee chair position for some as-yet-unexplained-reason after LEAVING the DEMOCRATIC PARTY and running as an independent, is vowing he’ll single-handedly kill the bill. Yea Joe! Way to go! Show Reid how much he screwed up by trying to keep you “in the caucus” with Democrats. But wait, Lieberman’s wife’s on the payroll of WHICH insurance and pharmaceutical companies? And she makes how many millions?


Here’s the link to the actual amendment language:


Bart Stupak, a DEMOCRAT in NAME, was the lead author of this amendment that was inserted into this health care bill that narrowly made it out of the House very late Saturday night. His numbers, so you can let him know what you think:

202-225-4735 (his media person is Michelle Begnoche if you wish to use a name) http://www.house.gov/stupak/

Others named on the amendment that you can add to your “remembrance” list:

Brad Ellsworth/Indiana DEMOCRAT  Toll Free: (866) 567-0227  http://www.ellsworth.house.gov/  A proud “BLUE DOG.” When do we start bringing out the pots & pans and start banging them? Stop wondering about where the independents have gone and consider why a huge segment of the Democrats who voted in ’08 are now in hiding. Witness the recent election losses.

Joe Pitts/Pennsylvania (Lancaster, Phila western suburbs), Republican, 202-225-2411   http://www.house.gov/pitts/

who then voted NO on the final healthcare bill–no surprise

Christopher Smith/NJ (Whiting-Hamilton), Republican,  202-225-3765   http://chrissmith.house.gov/

who then voted NO on the final healthcare bill–typically what we expect

Marcy Kaptur, DEMOCRAT   http://www.kaptur.house.gov/  According to her Toledo office, “No federal funds for abortion” has always been one of her CORE POSITIONS. So those of you who had a little white hat on her head because of recent other positions and press conferences (hey, remember her on Moyers even?) need to temper any joy. Tel: (202) 225-4146  Fax: (202) 225-7711 (800)964-4699|(419) 259-7500

Kathleen Dahlkemper/Erie, Pennsylvania, DEMOCRAT, a first-termer this year.. So, anyone wanting to claim it’s better to have a Democrat in this district than the long time Republican? Is there a difference here? What about a progressive challenge to her in the next primary?


Phone: (814) 456-2038 Fax: (814) 454-0163 Phone: (202) 225-5406  Fax: (202) 225-3103


“We wanted to make sure that any federally subsidized plans would not pay for abortion,” said Dahlkemper.

…and from another Erie Times article: “Despite the Democratic Party’s strong abortion-rights platform, Dahlkemper wasn’t afraid to call herself a “whole life” candidate who opposes abortion and supports programs to help women in need.”

Dan Lipinski/3rd District (w of Chicago), Illinois DEMOCRAT  http://www.lipinski.house.gov/

(202) 225 – 5701,  (866) 822 – 5701

“After a painstaking review of its details, and after I succeeded in adding to it restrictions that will prevent taxpayer funding of abortion, I voted today to move the health care reform bill forward.”

These are our very real obstacles to meaningful change.