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California Senator Dean Florez introduced The California College and University Fee Stabilization Act of 2010 (SB 969) today.

As a parent with a child in Grad School, this proposed legislation to limit yearly tuition costs to 5% will be a huge money saver for parents and students. Better than a big tax cut, perhaps! No matter what your political affiliation is YOU need to make sure this legislation by California State Senator Dean Florez becomes CA law!

The details:

SACRAMENTO – Senate Majority Leader Dean Florez, D-Shafter, who spoke out strongly against the recent 32% fee spike at UC campuses, this week introduced legislation to help stabilize student fees for future generations of California students.

With rates that can remain relatively stable for some time and then skyrocket, it is nearly impossible for parents and students to plan their saving and investments with any sense of confidence the end result will be enough to afford whatever the going rate is by the time they enroll. Even then, the next year may soar out of reach, abruptly ending a dream.

On Monday, Florez introduced Senate Bill 969 – The California College and University Fee Stabilization Act of 2010 — to remove much of that uncertainty from planning for a college education.

Senate Bill 969 says that the fee you pay your first year of college is the fee you will pay until you graduate, much as degree graduation requirements are locked in based on what was in place in your year of admission. In addition, SB 969 states that the fee increase from one year’s incoming class to the next can be no more than five percent, so parents can plan ahead for their children’s younger siblings as well.

“It is of benefit to every one of us to ensure that the best and the brightest students in this state are not kept from reaching their potential by unreasonable and unexpected spikes in tuition rates,” Florez said. “If we are to build and maintain an economy befitting of this great state, we can not make higher education an unattainable dream.”

Author Note: Take Action Now To Support This Bill. Take the following actions starting TODAY.

CALL YOUR Legislator in Sacramento in the Senate and Assembly and let them know of your strong support of this bill.

CALL YOUR High School Parent/Teacher groups and ask them to support this legislation at meetings and any publications they send to parents.

Call YOUR high school/guidance staff and ask them to support the legislation.

College and potential college students still in high school: If you get involved in any issue this year, you really should make sure this legislation by Senator Dean Florez becomes a priority on your campus.

I am sure there are other ways to support this legislation. Use the comment section for your ideas.

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