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WINOGRAD TO DEBATE HARMAN (if she shows, that is)

February 10, 2010

Winograd accepts Jewish Journal’s Debate Offer:  Harman, No Response

“Let’s pack the house,” says Winograd

(Marina del Rey, CA) Congressional Candidate Marcy Winograd (CA-36) accepts the Jewish Journal’s offer to participate in a proposed debate with opponent Jane Harman, and urges her opponent to accept, as well.  In a recent Jewish Journal article, Editor Rob Eshman issued an open invitation to both candidates, saying, “I invite Winograd and Harman to discuss this issue (Israel/Palestine) in a public forum hosted by The Jewish Journal at a mutually convenient date.”   Harman has not responded.

The offer to sponsor a debate followed a controversy over a letter Congressman Waxman wrote urging potential high-dollar donors to contribute the maximum to Harman’s campaign because of Winograd’s support for equal rights for all in Israel/Palestine.  Winograd is the co-founder of LA Jews for Peace, an organization which calls for an end to the Israeli blockade of Gaza.

Winograd responded to Eshman’s invitation, saying in a letter published in the Jewish Journal, “I thank the Jewish Journal for graciously inviting me to debate my opponent in the June 8, 2010, Democratic Party primary.  Given the diversity of opinion, I look forward to a robust and open debate, not only on issues pertaining to middle east peace, but also on single-payer health care, immigration and citizenship, and the transition from a war economy to a new Green economy. Let’s pack the house, wrestle with critical issues, and do some serious soul searching.”

During the 2006 campaign, Harman refused to debate, or even stand on the same stage.  In 2006 Winograd jumped into the race only three months before the primary, mobilizing almost 38% of the vote on an anti-war and pro-constitutional rights platform.   In 2010, Winograd’s platform calls for ending multiple perpetual wars and investing in human needs at home.

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