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Video: Si Se Puede Cambiar (Yes We Can Change)

Written and performed by Andres Useche. Directed by Eric Byler.

This is a video Directed by Eric Byler who was a founder of the Real Virginians for Webb and who documented the rise of  Creative Class activism in the Webb Campaign, one of the first soup-to-nuts netroots victories.

Now onboard with the movement that has arisen around Obama, please pass this along and distribute as widely as you can.

Si Se Puede  

California, Debra Bowen and the Maryland disaster

Maryland seems to be having a major crisis in their voting today.  Many workers didn’t show up at their assigned polling places, leaving voters outside waiting for them to open.  BradBlog has the whole story:

This morning voters in much of Maryland awoke with plans to go to the polls early and then head off to a normal day. Unfortunately when they got to their polling places they only found locked doors.

As reported by the Baltimore Sun many poll workers did not show up for work this morning and when they did they many had no idea how to operate new voting technology called “e-poll books” which are a necessary part of the voting process in Maryland and many other Diebold states. The workers were not trained to use that technology because Diebold did not provide the technology to the state until it was too late to properly train the pollworkers.
(BradBlog 9/12/06)

Where is Diebold going to be when we face the same issues? And where will Bruce McPherson be?  My guess is hiding behind Diebold’s skirt.  McPherson is the only “moderate” running down-ballot, so you can bet there will be a lot of CRaPpy cash thrown his way in the last month of the race.  Check out our ActBlue page to give to Debra’s campaign.