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Hot Blooded, can’t you see?

(X-posted at GovernorPhil.com)

Folks, folks, let’s get back to the subject at hand here.

Apparantly the Schwarzenegger campaign, like many elected officials don’t have the slightest understanding of computers.

What they hope is that the press, on the whole, doesn’t either. And sadly, in many cases that is true. The cries and  whining about “hacking”, and whining and crying they are, are preposterous. To these idiots world, anything vaguely involving computers that they don’t like is hacking. I work in IT, and i’m damn good at it, to say the grounds they are talking about is shaky is giving it far, far too much credence.

Let’s get back on point now.
There are the same apologists that always say “What’s the big deal?” everytime somebody makes a racist and stereotyping remark. Everybody is just being “too pc” and should lighten up.

Here’s why the “hot blooded” thing makes a difference.

“All jews are cheap.” “All blacks are dumb.” “All Muslims are terrorists.”

Neither of these statements are true, and if somebody said them, they would be rightfully harrangued as a racist and a fool, perhaps a dangerous one.

It’s a stereotype, and repeating the myth doesn’t make it go away it reinforces it, moreover it shows true character. Just like George Allen’s ties to the KKK and other hate groups.

Character matters.
Everybody seems, for some reason, to be buying the acting job that Arnold is a moderate now,
It reminds of the David Cross bit about Trent Lott making racist statements at Strom Thurmond’s 768th birthday. He goes on BET and apologizes:

“Well first of all… I didn’t know them microphones were on.”

The guy is sleazy, plain and simple… to be fair, it doesn’t matter if he said it in private, it really doesn’t even matter if the woman in question wasn’t offended.


Because it’s not about that statement, or that person, it’s character.

Immediately after Arnold made some racist and steretyping statements, suddenly the right wing pundits and blogosphere started thumping their chest and talking about procedure and process… HOW did somebody get this conversation? The content itself is absolutely irrelevant.

Why is that the real issue?
Because the pundit class says it is? Because they are too damn lazy to any kind of research.
(see Joe Lieberman’s website being “hacked” for that)

Perhaps Arnold should call in some plumbers to fix the leak, like his hero Richard nixon.
Anyway it’s always nice seeing some Democrats tripping all over themselves to defend the Governor.

(Willie Brown i’m talking to you.)

And Media outlets, do your damn job for once and do some investigative reporting would you.

thanks in advance.