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The Deep Pockets Hollywood type that I like: Stephen Bing

Whoa! Stephen Bing just dropped $10 million on Prop 87.  This from John Myers:

On Wednesday, Bing wrote a $10 million dollar check to the Yes on 87 campaign, supporting a proposal to fund alternative energy research through a new tax on oil drilling.

That makes his total contributions to date for Prop 87 a whopping $26.5 million. Bing has the reputation of being a reclusive millionaire, but it’s hard to miss him in this race… considering his contributions account for some 82% of all the money raised in support of Prop 87 (campaign total: about $32 million). (CapNotes 9/15/06)

There a couple of propositions where we are going to need to lay down some serious coin.  I actually think defeating Prop 90 should be our top priority, but winning on 87 can’t be far behind. 87 would provide an excellent model for the rest of the oil-producing states to invest in alternative energy technology.