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It Makes Sense That Carly is a Two Yacht Family

Sometimes I have to go looking for something to write for a blog post. At other times, something just comes and smacks you in the face. And such is the case with a recent quote in the Matier and Ross column regarding Carly Fiorina’s two yachts:

Fiorina spokeswoman Julie Soderlund said it makes sense for the Fiorinas to be a two-yacht family, given that the boat-loving couple have divided their time between California and D.C., near where their grandchildren live.(SF Chronicle)

Oh, and Soderlund continued by pointing out that Boxer is also wealthy (true), kind of a nanny-nanny-boo-boo sort of thing.  The reason the Boxer campaign is pointing out that Fiorina is wealthy isn’t for some sort of anti-rich class warfare, but rather to contrast her policies with her standing. In other words, the policies that she wants to pursue will increase the divide between rich and poor.

To point some of the obvious concerns, she wants to decrease tax rates for the wealthiest Americans (of which she counts herself as), and take a whack at social security in the name of “deficit reduction.”  See, that’s all the rage on the Right. As Americans struggle to find employment, Fiorina is fighting to put us back into a recession. Meanwhile, a strong majority of Americans favor increasing taxes on millionaires and charging the social security tax to the rich. So, yes, the fact that these policies will strongly benefit her are worth noting.

But, if she happens to lose this round, she can always comfort herself with a nice hot chocolate on board one of her two yachts.