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Tea Time with the Posse: Inside an Idaho Tea Party Patriots Conference

Did you know that The Tea Party Patriots was “birthed” in the NorCal foothills – in Grass Valley?

If you are not a Tea Party Member the following will, if nothing else, get your full attention and may just move you from “just a voter” to a citizen now moved to keep the America that belongs to all of us, not just the angry few you are about to read about. This will go down a little better with a stiff cup of hot coffee.

MONDAY, 18 APRIL 2011 11:02


A year ago, Pam Stout, a soft-spoken 67 year-old retiree from Bonners Ferry, Idaho was featured in theNew York Times and asked to appear on the David Letterman show. She performed swimmingly, and portrayed the Tea Party as a wholesome movement of Middle Americans concerned about issues like TARRP and health care reform.

An inside look at a recent Tea Party event organized by Stout shows a very different side of the Tea Parties, and highlights a disturbing direction taken by many local groups.

This piece continues:

Little talk of repealing “Obamacare” or of modifying objectionable provisions of healthcare legislation took place at Stout’s “Patriots Unite” event, held March 26. The impending possibility of a government shutdown due to an impasse over the budget was hardly mentioned. Nary a word was spoken about bailouts or taxes. Instead, speakers at this Tea Party event gave the crowd a heavy dose of racist “birther” attacks on President Obama, discussions of the conspiracy behind the problem facing America (complete with anti-Semitic illustration), Christian nationalism, anti-environmentalism, and serious calls for legislation promoting states’ rights and “nullification.”

Stout, the Idaho state coordinator for Tea Party Patriots attracted around seventy Tea Party activists from Idaho, Montana, and Washington to the Coeur D’Alene Inn for the conference. The goal: to bring isolated Tea Party groups together. Originally scheduled as a two-day conference, Stout noted that the event was shortened because, “our workshop presenters are still in Wisconsin” presumably engaged in Tea Party anti-union organizing efforts.

The morning’s first speaker was Matt Shea, a state representative from nearby Spokane Valley, Washington. Stout introduced Shea by thanking him and mentioning how she’s been trying to convince him to move to Idaho to run for Attorney General.  And Shea opened with a crack about how he had his birth certificate if anyone wanted to see. He returned to the birther issue later in his speech when he commented, “one of my favorite bills is, if you are running for elected office,  you need to have a copy of your birth certificate on file – all elected offices – which I think would be good for 2012.”

Much of Shea’s talk was dedicated to demonizing his opponents, saying that progressives “want to seize every piece of property that you have at the local level, and they want to give it back to you as they see fit because they know better than you do how to use property,” and that “the ones on the other side really are motivated by hate.”

“We need to go on the attack and not be defending and reacting all the time. Make them react to us. If we continue to go on the attack, we win,” he encouraged. “And a lot of people have asked me, Matt, what can we do? Here’s my point today, if you take anything away, and it’s this: the Achilles heel of government, particularly the federal government, they don’t have enough manpower to enforce these things at the local level. They have to rely on us to comply, and if we don’t comply, they can’t push their agenda forward.”

In respect of Calitics’ post and quote limits, this article continued at: curtiswalker.posterous.com

Sierra Foothills Tea Party Founder and Tea Party Patriots Group Coverage

For the past few months the area Tea Party group, known as the Tea Party Patriots, have been going through what can best be described as “implosion’ complete with name calling, small town politics gone amuck, money issues, personal attacks and more.

What makes this newsworthy is some of the players claim to be at the forefront of all things Tea Party, one who appears on FOX News as an expert and founding member, etc. You don’t need to peek under the covers, they have been ripped back for all to see, and it ain’t pretty.

Coverage is provided on a very good blog that is run by the former editor of the local newspaper, THE UNION, who was also the founding editor of CNET; the current PUBLISHER is/was a Tea Party Patriot (and last time checked was featured on the group’s FACEBOOK page), and there does not seem to be a lot of things these two agree or perhaps agreed upon. The newspaper endorsed a Tea Party member who ran for the Nevada County Recorders office and after a very nasty campaign pretty much all from the Tea Party member, got his royal behind handed to him. Yea, that NON-PARTISIAN office. Right, not up here this last election, for sure!

One thing that makes the reports most interesting is the changing makeup of the population who posts in local papers and blogs on all things Tea Party. The whitest county in California, is purple and turning BLUE (as it voted for Obama in both the Primary and General election).

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