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Net Neutrality: Protest at Google on Friday

California’s own Google and Verizon released a new plan for how the Internet should operate, if they got to rule the world.  We’d keep Net Neutrality for the wired Internet, at least for consumers not corporations, but they could set up fast lanes and slow lanes for the wireless Internet.  Wireless is of course the future of the Internet, but then again that is exactly the point.  

Eliminating Net Neutrality could destroy independent blogs like Calitics that can’t afford to pay for our readers to reach us on faster connections.

The media has trashed their evil deal and over 300,000 people have signed an open letter demanding Google drop this proposal.

It’s a giant corporate power-grab and Google who claims to “do no evil” is doing exactly that with this evil plan. That’s why MoveOn, the PCCC (where I work), CREDO Action, Color of Change and Free Press are holding a rally at noon tomorrow in front of Google headquarters. The event is at the corner of Amphitheatre Parkway and Charleston Road in Mountain View. Click here to RSVP.

For people in the San Francisco area, there will be a bus leaving from the San Francisco Opera House at 301 Van Ness at 11 a.m. You have to RSVP to get on the bus, as seats are limited.

This deal can be stopped, but only if President Obama and FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski understand just how angry we are at the prospect of our rights being trampled online by Google and other corporate giants. So, please join us, or if you don’t live in the Bay Area, pass along the info to your friends.

And because Sam Seder rocks, here is his latest episode of “That’s Bullshit” on Net Neutrality, with Sam playing “the Verizon Guy”.