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Angelides in SF this morning

This is kind of late notice, but I got this in my inbox this morning:

Bay Area Democrats – We Need You !
  Phil Angelides Needs You !

Please Join Assemblymembers Loni Hancock and Mark Leno
at a press conference tomorrow. Please join us!

Bay Area supporters of Phil Angelides for Governor will hold a press conference at
San Francisco City Hall on Wednesday, where they will discuss
“Ten Reasons Californians should support Phil Angelides for Governor”.
Take BART (Civic Center Station, only 1 1/2 blocks away). Try to be there by 11AM.

WHO:  Assemblymember Mark Leno
  Assemblymember Loni Hancock
  Supervisor Sophie Maxwell
  Supervisor Fiona Ma

WHEN:  Wednesday, October 18, 2006, 11:00 AM

WHERE:  San Francisco City Hall (Goodlett Steps, facing the Civic Center Plaza)
  1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
  San Francisco

Help spread the word!  Then volunteer to call voters and Get Out The Vote

CA-Gov, Hop on k/o’s Truck – grab the wheel

I just got done reading kid oakland‘s latest greatest.  If you haven’t yet, you really should.

In it, he lists 7 things that you can do to help the Democrats in 2006.  Here is one that I think is important for EVERY SINGLE California race.  Let’s talk about it on the flip, and why this becomes more important the bluer your district is:

2. Get out your dayplanner right now and, if you are able, make a plan to do some form of GOTV (Get Out the Vote) before election day.

We are all pressed for time. But, you know what…the voters we need for victory on election day are pressed for time too. And there is nothing voters respect more than when you help them vote. So, get out that dayplanner. Look at the calender. Plan to do some form of GOTV.

KO writes:

If the GOP response to the Foley scandal is to “muddle through with Denny” and to mischaracterize Mr. Foley’s words as mere “naughty emails”…then it’s high time we tell the GOP that Americans are sick of muddling and we have had enough of their mischaracterizations.

There’s a hole in the Contract with America a mile wide. 

Friends, it’s time we drive a truck through it.

OK, so this is CA-Gov diary, and he is talking more nationally, but I think it is completely applicable.  Are we willing to “muddle through” with Arnold?  Do we really think he will do a better job than Angelides?  If you do, then there is no reason for you to join a Get Out The Vote Effort.

This is California!  We look like we are about to elect (don’t forget he was selected, not elected the first time) a Republican that openly said in a DEBATE about the special election:

There were good ideas there, but I didn’t bring legislators on board.

We don’t have to worry about the electoral college, just statewide turnout!  That is why the bluer your district is, the more important Get Out The Vote becomes!

In case can’t remember what the special election issues were, here you go (from the first link, above).  Every single measure failed to pass:

The failed agenda that Schwarzenegger appears to be embracing anew as “good ideas” included:

-Destroying the minimum school funding law approved by voters and permanently slashing school funding by $4 billion, approximately $600 per student.

-Giving the Governor the power to cut funding for education and public safety without consulting anyone.

-Punishing new teachers by extending their probation period and eliminating their right to a fair hearing.

-Denying public employees, including firefighters, teachers, cops and nurses, a voice in the political process.

-Allowing 3 retired judges to redraw district lines based on outdated census data.

Is that what you want?  For another *four years*?  Compare that to Phil Angelides

For teachers:

-Restore and expand California’s teaching fellowship program to attract bright young people and mid-career adults to teaching.
-Roll back Arnold Schwarzenegger’s fee increases on teacher training.
-Roll back Arnold Schwarzenegger’s college tuition and fee hikes and substantially expand state scholarship aid for deserving students.
-Identify the pay and incentives California needs to attract and retain talented teachers and restore funding for teacher support.
-Double the number of public school counselors to support teachers in the classroom.
-Expand homeownership assistance for teachers.
-Award California Tomorrow Fellowships to as many as 10,000 California students a year who are pursuing an undergraduate degree in science, mathematics, or engineering.
-Increase by 50 percent the number of California Partnership Academies for high school students seeking work or community college certificates upon graduation.

As a voice for those who need it most:

On his first day in office, formally request President Bush return our National Guard units to California.

Mobilize governors from across this nation to force a change in national policy — so Guard units can be used for their intended purpose––protecting our homeland, not propping up the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld excuse for a foreign policy.

Walk the halls of Congress to mobilize support for a new direction in Iraq – one that that brings our troops home, and turns our strength and resources to the real tasks of truly rooting out and defeating terror.

Take any action, including going to court, to return our guardsmen and women to California.
All told, 275 Californians have died in Iraq, including 21 members of the California National Guard. Despite the tremendous toll the war has taken on the California National Guard, Governor Schwarzenegger has stood steadfastly behind President George W. Bush and has previously said the war in Iraq is “the right thing to do.”

And on redistricting:

“Candidates should have to work to earn the approval of voters to win seats, rather than rely on incumbency and coast to victory,” said Angelides. “That’s why I believe the legislature should act this year to create an independent citizens commission to redraw districts once each decade after the U.S. Census.”

We are letting Schwarzenengger “coast to victory” on incumbency because we are not out there working for OUR candidate (from kos):

Democrats had a real choice between a DLC-backed milquetoast Democrat and a true progressive in two races — the California governor’s race and the Senate Democratic primary in Montana. In both cases, voters chose the real Democrat, giving their party the ability to offer a clear distinction to the incumbent Republican in November.

A year ago, Phil Angelides demanded his name be taken off the DLC’s “member directory” when told he was on the list. His opponent, DLC fanboy Steve Westly, spent $35 million of his money on his dishonest, losing campaign. That race was so dirty that not only has it seriously wounded Phil Angelides in the general, but it depressed Democratic turnout to the point that it might have cost us the CA-50 race. But ultimately, the right candidate emerged from the muck.

And now he is stuck in Schwarzenegger’s muck.  Are we really willing to see what Schwarzenegger turns into next year?  He is a different person every year.  Let’s make sure he is nothing more than an actor next year.  Like kid oakland said, there are lots of ways to help, but I think that for this, it is really a pure Get Out The Vote operation.  California is Democratic.  We should be able to do this.  We just need to get the message out.

We have had depressingly few diaries about Angelides.  I know more about Congressional races in Indiana, Minnesota, and Colorado.  But the time for just sitting at the computer is gone.  We need to connect with the voters.  And in a real way.

Absentee ballots mail out *TODAY* it is the perfect time to start phone-banking absentee voters.  I heard it said that half of all absentee ballots are returned within the first week.  It is time to start talking to the voters.  There are lots of ways to do it. 

*Here is a list of places to volunteer by county.  Or you can find your closest by putting in your zip code.*

And because mine is not yet listed, here is the important information, in *Richmond, CA*:

Our West County Democrats campaign office is open!

Open everyday starting this Saturday October 7 until Election Day.
Our goal is to get out the Democratic vote for state candidates in West County
Phone banking every day; precinct walking on selected days.
Location: *3431 D Macdonald Ave, Richmond  (Corner of Macdonald and 35TH.)*

Saturdays  10AM  –  2PM
Sundays  12NOON  –  6PM
Mon – Thursday  1PM  –  8PM
Fridays:  10AM to  –  2PM

We have already started making calls to Permanent Absentee Voters.
No need to reserve a seat. Just show up and Dial for Democrats!

Email [email protected] for more information


West County Democrats, an alliance of Richmond, Pinole, Hercules,  San Pablo and El Sobrante Democrats

*We consider our effort vital.  Richmond is 70% Democratic but only has 30% turnout for midterm elections*.  We need these Democratic votes to come in for Angelides and our future.  Schwarzenegger plays a very moderate game, but when it comes down to it he is conservative to the corps.  He has littered California with broken promise after broken promise.

And this will help everything down the ticket, from Debra Bowen for SoS to all the propositions and even Congress in some very competitive races.

So please help.  It is well worth the effort for the future.  Angelides has the right passion for us.  We just need to see it and share it with everyone.  *In the next 4 weeks*

I am a deeply cynical person who is rarely moved to passion especially by or about politicians.

Angelides spoke with true clarity and passion. Real poetry.

He gets it and he gets California.  If every Californian could hear the Phil Angelides I heard tonight he would get 70% of the vote.

Our campaign kickoff was a lot of fun. Now it is down to work

First the important part, we need help!  We can’t do it without you:


Our West County Democrats campaign office is open!

* Open everyday starting this Saturday October 7 until Election Day.
* Our goal is to get out the Democratic vote for state candidates
in West County
* Phone banking every day; precinct walking on selected days.

Location: 3431 D MacDonald Ave, Richmond (Corner of MacDonald and 35TH.)

Saturdays 10AM – 2PM
Sundays 12NOON – 6PM
Mon – Thursday 1PM – 8PM
Fridays: 10AM – 2PM

We will target Permanent Absentee Voters starting Saturday.
No need to reserve a seat. Just show up and Dial for Democrats!

Email [email protected] for more information


West County Democrats, an alliance of Richmond, Pinole, Hercules, San
Pablo and El Sobrante Democrats .

We are a group of voters who don’t want to see Schwarzenegger walk away with another term.  More than that, we think that Phil Angelides is the right person for the job!

I don’t know what more to say!  Please ask questions!

Here is the rundown on our kickoff, that ran in the Globe (despite what the caption says, that isn’t Betty Yee in the picture):


The West County Democrats held their first rally in Richmond on Saturday, September 30th, and it was a great success. Co-chairs Councilmember Tony Thurmond and Mayor Irma Anderson kicked off the celebration for our Get Out the Vote effort, located at 3431D Macdonald Ave. across from Lovonya DeGean Middle School. The event drew an enthusiastic crowd, which featured civic leaders including Board of Equalization Member Betty Yee, County Supervisor John Gioia, Councilmember Jim Rogers, and many local activists. Local candidates Antonio Medrano for West Contra Costa Unified School District and Myrna Lopez for Richmond City Council and members of the California Democratic Party also cheered on our efforts.

Speakers addressed the goals of the Democratic Party and expressed excitement for Phil Angelides as a candidate for Governor. They highlighted that Angelides’ leadership has already helped families save for education and helped local teachers purchase their first homes and put down roots in their communities. They also emphasized that as our governor he will continue to focus on people that need help, cutting taxes for those who really need it, improving schools, and expanding access to health care.

It was also a family event with Insurance Commissioner John Garamendi’s daughter, Janet, and his grandchildren enjoying the community event. The Garamendi grandchildren contributed to the festivities by drawing a mural encouraging everyone to vote for Garamendi for Lieutenant Governor because “he’s 4 kids.”

“The heart of our effort is to bring the community together to invest in our government. We want voters to understand that they can make a difference when they take an active roll by voting,” said a spokesperson for the group. The West County Democrats will be educating voters about Democratic candidates to help elect them to public service. They are asking volunteers to help make an investment in their community with time and effort.

Contact the West County Democrats at 510-233-9809 or [email protected] to volunteer. They will be running a phone bank effort at their office at 3431D Macdonald Ave. on Saturday, October 7th between 10am and 4pm. Coffee and refreshments will be available.

We had a great start.  With the help of just a few of you, we can make a better future!

(hee hee, kind of cheesy, but I just couldn’t help myself!)

Voter Outreach: Help needed in Richmond

(Turnout, Turnout, Turnout! It’s critical to all of our races, not just CA-Gov. – promoted by SFBrianCL)

Greetings All!  I just want to make this simple a simple plea…

I am a member of the Democratic Party of Contra Costa County and we are trying to focus our resources of areas that have been more of less taken for granted or neglected.  Richmond is one of those areas.  It is 70% Democratic, but has only 30% turnout.  We are going to change that last number.

But we could really use some help.  We are hoping to start something that won’t disappear on Wednesday, November 8.  We want to make a permanent and ongoing effort.

Isn’t that the strategy?

Press release is on the flip.  Thanks for peeking at it!

Tony Thurmond, Co- Chair, West County Democrats
(510) 681-4127
[email protected]

*West County Democrats Mobilize for Angelides & Statewide Democratic Ticket!*

On Saturday September 30, 2006, the West County Democrats will kick off a month long campaign to mobilize Democratic voters in the West Contra Costa County area. Elected officials and representatives from the California Democratic Party will gather to initiate phone banking, precinct walking, and other measures to help Gubernatorial candidate Phil Angelides and other Democrats win statewide office in November.

Co-chaired by Richmond Mayor Irma Anderson and Richmond Councilman Tony Thurmond, West County Democrats is a coalition of Democratic Clubs from the cities of Richmond, El Cerrito, and Hercules. Representatives from the West County Latina/Latino Democratic Club and the Democratic Central Committee of Contra Costa County are also part of the coalition. Organizers hope to translate the 70% plus base of Democratic voters in the Richmond ar ea into a strong turnout for statewide Democratic candidates and initiatives. Nightly phone banking and weekly mobilizations will be used to energize local Democratic voters.

The September 30th mobilization will take place at 10:00AM at the offices of United Heritage Industries located at 5216 Wall Avenue in Richmond, CA. Refreshments will be provided and members of the public are invited to attend and participate in phone banking and precinct walking activities.