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CA-Controller: John Chiang gets endorsement from national Dem. organization

In his bid to replace Steve Westly as the State Controller, John Chiang picked up a little national attention in the form of an endorsement from the Campaign for a National Majority.  They only endorse a handful of candidates each year, so this is quite an honor for Chiang.  A little from their press release:

While this race is marked by decidedly different perspectives on the role of government and fairness in taxation, it is ultimately about the financial challenges facing California. Both candidates are deeply concerned about the state’s annual multi-billion dollar deficits, but only Chiang emphasizes the importance of pursuing policies that ensure the support necessary to sustain high-quality public schools, health care for the disadvantaged and top-notch police and fire protection services. Chiang argues that state not only can, but that it also must meet those twin challenges with innovative financial leadership.(CNM)

Listen, this race isn’t on the radar of most Californians, but we really have a stark choice.  John Chiang will bring sensible ideas to the office.  Tony Strickland, former Assemblywoman, husband of current Assemblywoman Strickland, is the president of the California Club for Growth!  You know, the guy that extracts all those “No Tax Hikes Ever” pledges from every candidate, even if there is a serious reason why we need them. 

Strickland supports the Bush plan on economic reform, including his ridiculous tax cuts in a time of war.  Never in our history have we reduced taxes in a time of war, until GWB.  We are building massive deficits with no plan to conquer them.  Similarly we are building deficits in California, and Arnold has no plan to reign those in.  Strickland is cool with that.  In fact, he pushes for that in his role with the Club for Growth.  That’s just plain ridiculous; why would we trust him to watch our money?