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Of Republican She-Wolves in Republican Drag

Dotty LeMieux is a founder of and writer for the GreenDog Truth Squad, a project to expose the Corporate underpinnings of the Fiorina Campaign.

Poor Carly Fiorina.  She can’t decide if she’s a hard nosed corporate capitalist, or a new-wave feminist.  Either way, her decidedly “un-sisterly” jabs at Barbara Boxer’s hairdo (which by the way is quite fetching) and attempts to create division between our two Democratic Senators have fallen flat.

She calls herself a “pro-woman, pro-life” feminist, in a recent Chronicle article by Carla Marinucci, trying to have it both ways, a corporate executive (and not a very good one, losing HP thousands of jobs, and ultimately getting the sack herself) and a “conservative feminist,” similar to Sarah Palin.

Well, gag me with a speculum! When I was coming up in the second wave feminist world of the late sixties, there was no such animal as a “pro-life” feminist. That’s a contradiction in terms. Feminism means never having to say “NO” to a women’s right to choose.

(First published in sfgate, July 2010.)  It is also decidedly anti-hierarchical; you cannot be an apologist for corporate capitalism and be a feminist.  Feminism is more than being a strong woman, breaking the glass ceiling, or playing in the big boys’ club.  Feminism is all about egalitarianism, choice and protecting the rights of the most vulnerable in society, not throwing them under the bus to advance the bottom line.

Or pushing them out the door in a snit fit either, as another female Republican corporate head turned politician, Meg Whitman, has now admitted to doing, with a subordinate who wasn’t playing nicely in a press conference. What did she do? Refuse to get you your coffee?

These Top Dog ruthless, free spending, woman bashing she-wolves are not feminists in my book.   I may be an old fogy, but high unemployment rates, tea partiers fighting against their own self interests in order to serve an illusory “family values” platform and women clawing their way to the top of the heap over their less successful counterparts means we still have a long way to go Baby.

copyright Dotty E. LeMieux