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Why I support Debra Bowen

I spend as much time as I can find building the Courage Campaign, a 750,000-member organization dedicated to building a progressive California and to bringing full equality to Americans nationwide. We focus on issues because elected officials can do only so much. And often they disappoint.

Our members determine the areas in which we act. Often times, we win; other times, we keep on fighting. In the course of my work as Chairman of Howard Dean’s presidential campaign in California, in building Courage and with charitable organizations such as Liberty Hill Foundation, I have seen repeateldy that America wins when political leaders stand up for principles. It’s okay to bend a bit to get something done; but to compromise so completely as to void recognition as a “political necessity” leads to disaster. Too few of our leaders understand and/or live by such principles.

Over the past eight years, I have worked closely with Debra Bowen. Time and again, she has stuck to her principles and accomplished heroic deeds. While she was a state senator, we collaborated on initiative reform, a dry and perhaps procedural matter but one which put us in our current mess. Debra understood clearly that the people want and deserve a voice in government, but the initiative process, originally designed to thwart large corporate and moneyed interests, has been turned on its head. She tried to make changes even though it was tough sledding. There's no reform constituency. Debra would not get campaign money from insiders or oil companies for doing the people's business. She just did the work.

As Secretary of State, Debra operated under the principle that democracy thrives when people participate; it collapses when they do not. Therefore, Debra determined to build trust in our state’s voting regime. Palm Beach and butterfly ballots of 2000 or Ohio of 2004 may seem ancient history, but when Debra took office as Secretary of State, many did not trust the vote counting system. As a result, some felt that voting was not worth their while. Debra focused completely on rebuilding that trust by holding public meetings about electronic voting machines, engaging the skeptical public. She banned the use of certain types of machines much to the chagrin of some country registrars. But she showed people that they could trust the system, which improved the level of participation.

Debra is honest. She cares. She works for the people, not for herself or her self-interest. She listens, but she decides. And if she does not agree with you, she’ll tell you. When Debra goes to Congress, I’ll know that she’ll learn, think, consult her conscience and then stick to her principles. She'll never look to the consultant class to tell her how to vote. And she'll never put her political career ahead of her constitutional responsibility. If you want a member of Congress who cares only about her constituents and our country, Debra is the one. 

(My endorsement is my own and in no way reflects the views of the Courage Campaign which does not endorse candidates.)

Winograd’s long fight against Nuclear Power Industry


Since at least 2006, Marcy has vocally criticized the growing lobbying & influence of the nuclear power industry. She has been a visible and consistent advocate for tighter regulations & greater safety controls for existing nuclear reactors. Marcy has consistently stated up front in her congressional platforms — unlike Hahn and Bowen — her criticisms and her oppositions to the development of new nuclear power plants and the recent growth in U.S. government subsidies for nuclear power (see, e.g., http://www.opencongress.org/wi…

Marcy has always supported America’s shift to greater use of alternative energies beyond oil and nuclear — e.g., hybrid technologies, wind energy & solar power.

MARCY WINOGRAD VS. JANICE HAHN: Janice Hahn — a longtime friend of Big Oil / Big Energy — has never made taken a bold platform position against the Nuclear Power or Oil Refinery Industry. Instead, Hahn (a former Public Affairs Regional Manager for Southern California Edison & employee) has generally been a “Friend” of Edison, General Electric and other Nuclear Power Plant operators.

MARCY WINOGRAD AND HARVEY WASSERMAN: In 2006, I attended a comprehensive discussion that Marcy Winograd hosted for Harvey Wasserman (an American journalist, author, democracy activist, and well known anti-nuclear advocate for renewable energy). At that talk, both she and Mr. Wasserman extensively discussed Three-Mile Island, Chernobyl and the need to avoid in the U.S. precisely the types of scenarios now playing out in Japan. She was very clear about her calls for stronger regulations especially here in fault & quake marked Southern California.

Marcy Winograd is the sort of forward-thinking and non-Special Interest beholden politician we want and need. In contrast, Janice Hahn was a former public relations director for Southern California Edison (nuclear power contractor). She has received considerable financial support from Eidson and General Electric in the past.

The Nuclear Power Industry (Edison; General Electric, etc.) has bought politicians throughout the United States just like it did with similar politicians in Japan who are now suffering the consequences of their conflicts of interest. Marcy Winograd — far more than Janice Hahn or Debra Bowen — will stand up to those conflicts of interest and will fight for tighter regulations of nuclear power.

CD36 Election (May 17th): Why thousands are endorsing Marcy Winograd and fighting for her to win…

Please take the time to watch the following 4 minute video :

http://www.facebook.com/video/…  n


Website:  http://winogradforcongress.com…

Marcy Winograd’s Congressional recent campaign in 2010 was one about what sort of country and citizenry we want to be. I’ve known Marcy for many years. She absolutely — with no reservations — is a real leader and deserves this district’s voters’ votes and word-of-mouth support.  She is the one true progressive choice who will break with the status quo and who will immediately act to initiate positive, reform oriented change in Washington, D.C.  

Marcy Winograd has been an organized, genuine, hard working, committed and passionate activist in the Anti-War movement, the 2006-2008 Bush/Cheney impeachment movement (Kucinich’s HR 333), Health Care Reform movement and other progressive efforts to authentically restore the People’s voice to national government. Marcy received close to 38% of the vote in the 2006 primary and over 41% when she ran against Jane Harman in last summer’s June 8th primary.

She is not a machine or party sycophant who will humbly do what the party elders & attendant drones command. Marcy Winograd is a terrific individual and activist. She is a teacher & citizen who has inspired countless thousands over the last decade. She puts her time, money and — perhaps most importantly — her heart where her words are. Marcy is a thinker and a doer : an authentic voice the likes of which voters are hungry for in these cynical and hard economic times. Marcy is a real voice for for this district’s voters who is aligned with their economic & social interests and — importantly — with their deeper values and their concerns about the directions this country has taken over the last decade.