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Get Out The Vote for Janice Hahn!

The countdown has begun before tomorrow's election to replace Congresswoman Jane Harman. If you've been paying close attention to the race, the media is making it sound like the election is going to be a nail biter with a photo finish, which isn't surprising because they love a good horse race. But that assessment seems rather dubious.

Without a doubt, the race is certainly closer than it should be. With an 18 point Democratic registration advantage, Janice Hahn should be walking away with this, but the polls aren't exactly reflecting that. The latest PPP poll only has Hahn up by 8 points. That's certainly lower than it should be considering the registration of that district, but it's also a far cry from being neck and neck. Any other race and 8 points isn't even close. One has to wonder if it weren't for the fact that it fits better with the media meme of an enthusiam gap between the Democrats and Republicans, if this race would really get that much coverage at all. 

Now, nobody's going to write off Huey. It's certainly true that stranger things can and have happened. Nobody thought Huey would make it into the run-off. Huey has spent a good $800,000 of his own money on this race. Huey signs are everywhere in the district. Special elections tend to help Republicans because Democrats tend to vote less frequently in them. And then there's the fabled "enthusiasm gap." But still. It will be quite difficult for Huey to pull it off tomorrow, especially if voters turnout at least at the levels that they did in the primary. It's a sheer numbers game. Progressives were split between Hahn, Bowen, and Winograd in the primary, but they know who the better candidate is between Hahn and Huey -and that's Janice Hahn.

The California League of Conservation Voters endorsed Hahn because of her dedication to protecting our natural resources and public health. She also has a bold plan for clean energy jobs to get California's economy back on track. Huey for his part called Hahn's proposal for green jobs "fantasy economics." Tell that to Silicon Valley.

Despite the enormous progress made by the Environmental Protection Agency in cleaning up our air and our water and protecting public health, Huey told reporters that “EPA policies are out of control and must be cut back and funding slashed.” He doesn't get it.

As always, turnout will ultimately decide this election, and CLCV is working hard to turnout our members in the district. If you live in Congressional District 36, be sure to go out and vote for Janice Hahn tomorrow. With your vote, Janice Hahn will be the next Congresswoman from CD 36 and continue to be a strong voice for the environment.

CLCV Rejects Attack on Debra Bowen’s Environmental Credentials

Statement of Warner Chabot, CEO, CA League of Conservation Voters

The California League of Conservation Voters (CLCV), rejects the latest round of the misleading campaign mail that questions Debra Bowen’s integrity, her commitment to the environment and the public interest.

These attacks are unfair and unwarranted. Bowen has fought for the public interest, the public’s full involvement in our democracy, and the environment her entire career. She’s never given in to special interests of any kind, and has always stood up to big polluters like the oil industry.

That’s why Debra Bowen is the only candidate to receive the endorsement of both the Sierra Club and CLCV.

Bowen earned a 96% lifetime score from CLCV’s Environmental Scorecard on environmental issues while serving in the state legislature. Of all the candidates, Bowen brings the greatest depth of experience and achievement on a wider range of environmental issues. She fought for laws to oppose offshore drilling, fight climate change, promote alternative energy and to clean up the Ports of L.A. and Long Beach. With now-Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, she passed a landmark environmental justice bill to protect poor communities from becoming environmental dumping grounds.

We believe Debra Bowen’s experience and integrity will make her a highly respected and effective environmental champion and leader in Congress.

For more information, read our blog “CLCV endorses Debra Bowen for Congress”: http://www.ecovote.org/blog/cl…