Calvert Playing Politics as Usual

Representative Calvert is back in usual form – putting politics rather than families first.  He released a newsletter this week touting the fact the he’s once again defied the new administration.

Of particular interest was his slam against what he calls the “Mortgage Cram-Down Bill” (H.R. 1106), saying it would allow judges to “cram down” the principle amount on home mortgages.

Has Mr. Calvert somehow forgotten that the largest city in his district (Riverside) now has the fourth largest foreclosure rate in the country?

In today’s LA Times, there’s an article on just how bad the housing market is.  The Los Angeles area market, which includes Orange County (again – Rep. Calvert’s district), is down 39% from 2006.

Does he honestly believe his constituents don’t want any help from the government?

He also proudly voted against he Stimulus Bill doing everything in his power to stop the 10,000 new jobs from coming to his district – even though this district has one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.

What Mr. Calvert seems to forget is that elections are about choices and America made a clear choice last fall when they elected President Obama to lead this country.  The new administration has introduced an aggressive plan to move the country forward but needs Congress working with – not against – the president.

Calvert has voted against each and every part of the president’s recovery plan and seems to be proud of that fact – even though he barely squeaked out a win himself in November.  During the 8 years of Bush, Calvert was a YES man voting with that administration 94.4% of the time yet in two short months under an Obama presidency, he’s somehow joined the party of NO doing everything in his power to stall the country’s recovery.

With every vote Mr. Calvert casts, he’s helping my 2010 campaign.  Unfortunately, his help is coming at the expense of the working families he supposedly serves in this district.

6 thoughts on “Calvert Playing Politics as Usual”

  1. I saw that newsletter as well and couldn’t believe he was proud of the fact that he’s become an obstructionist when it was his votes under the Bush administration that got the district into this mess.

    I just made a donation to your campaign Bill – best of luck!!

  2. I followed your race but lots of folks out there might now realize how close you came to beating Calvert this past November.

    I’ll be supporting you again in 2010 with both donations and volunteer work because you’ve proven he’s beatable and he’s proven over and over again that he needs to be beaten!

  3. I don’t live in your CD Bill, but followed your race closely in 2008.  The fact you were able to get as close as you did, with few resources and little support beyond the 44th CD, highlights even further your brilliant campaigning skills and your earnestness with the voters of the 44th.  I for one, am not going to allow happen in 2010 what happened in 2008.  I just made a $1,000 contribution to your campaign and hope that all good progressive Democrats out there will follow.  Good luck to you Bill and you can count on my continued support for your campaign!

  4. I began following Calvert after news of the 2008 election broke right here on Calitics and was rooting for you to pull an upset.

    Calvert’s voting record is atrocious.  It amazes me he’s been in as long as he has considering he never seems to vote in the best interest of his district.

    I hope the party helps you out this round Bill.  You deserve it!

  5. It’s only March and already Calvert is doing everything in his power to look good to his fellow Republicans at the expense of people who live in his CD.  He has been my Congressman for 16 years, and I AM SO DONE WITH THIS GUY.

    I got your email, Bill, and I can’t give very much (thanks in part to Calvert and his terrible ‘representation’) but I gave what I could.  Consider this a case of ‘every little bit helps!’

  6. On November 6, 2008, the Orange County Register reported, “Rep. Ken Calvert said the next two years need to be spent by Republicans in coming up with a strategy to get back into power so they can advance their agenda.”

    So, power is the priority?  Not help for the jobless, the soon to be homeless or the struggling middle-class.  Even though the policies Calvert supported have produced their dire hardships.

    And what can we expect if Calvert’s two year power plan succeeds?  Renewed reckless defense spending and the creation of another bubble economy that benefits the few at the expense of the many.  

    With every ‘no’ vote Calvert demonstrates his intentions to resist the will of his constituents in favor of renewing the failed policies of the past.  

    Thank you, Mr. Hedrick. Hope is alive, even for those of us in the 44th CD.

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