How well does your Congress member stack up for the middle class?

The Drumm Major Institute released their annual scorecard for Congress based not on a few bills related to a single issue, but on a wide range of bills that affect the middle class.  They range from immunity for telcos on violating FISA to SCHIP to consumer protection. You could say it’s ideologically tilted to the left, but it’s not outright partisanship.  They make a note that Republicans have “closed the gap” this year on the Democrats.  As most Democrats voted for the bailout, they got at least one strike there.

On the plus side, California Democrats had a wealth of A+ ratings. They are Reps. Becerra, Roybal-Allard, Sherman, and both Sanchez sisters,  Many of our generally progressive members do not get an A+ because of the bailout votes. For example, former Rep. Solis, the current Labor secretary, got a B. On the Senate side, Boxer got an 89% and DiFi got 80%.

On the flip side, most of the California Republicans hovered around the 30-40% mark.  The lowest Republican House member was a tie between our very own Dan Lungren and the irrepressible Ron Paul. Mary Bono Mack had a 56% to lead the Republicans.

The full scorecard is worth a read to find out just how your critter is voting on the items of interest to the middle class.

P.s. If you have a local blog, they have a widget you can put on your site.

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  1. ….’poll’. Either that or the citizenry is even dumber than I thought.

    DiFi 80%!

    Freakin’ unbelievable.

    No wonder we are in such trouble.

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