DCCC Targets Six GOPers in Latest Ad Series

(The D-Trip is really taking an interest in CA-44. – promoted by David Dayen)

I’m excited to announce that my district is one of only six nationwide being targeted by the DCCC in a series of radio ads being rolled out next week.

The ads will target Republican members of Congress who opposed the middle class tax cut in President Obama’s economic recovery act.  These ads are the DCCC’s way of taking the message of middle class tax cuts and economic recovery directly to the public in radio ads called “Tax Man” that will run in the lead up to April 15th (tax day).

My opponent Ken Calvert is one of the six Republicans being targeted for his vote against the middle class tax cut.

This is the DCCC’s fourth phase of the “Putting Families First” campaign and we’ve been fortunate enough to be included in the other phases as well.

Here’s a link to the DCCC site where you can hear the ad and read more about the campaign.  http://dccc.org/blog/archives/…

10 thoughts on “DCCC Targets Six GOPers in Latest Ad Series”

  1. I think it’s terrific that the DCCC is targeting your district and doing their part to help unseat Calvert once and for all.  Way to Go!!

  2. Couldn’t happen to a better candidate (Bill Hedrick) or a worse representative (Ken Calvert).

  3. How bad must this guy Calvert be if he’s made the top six Republicans being targeted?  He must really be awful.  Hope you beat his “you-know-what” in 2010!

  4. …the DCCC’s vote for Bill Hedrick ads?  I can’t wait!  Boo Calvert – yea Bill!

  5. the DCCC this time around.  The hard work you put in your campaign, and the continually improving registration numbers, are something they just can’t ignore.  

    I appreciate your engaging with us folks here on Calitics, and I’d love to ask you a question about your plans when you arrive in Congress.

    I’m in the process of figuring out which candidates I’m really going to commit to, in the form of donations and volunteer time, and I’d love if you could address one of the main issues for me, aside from whether a candidate is going to work his/her ass off to win and also has a reasonable shot at doing so.

    That issue is whether a candidate unequivocally commits to NOT join the factions in the Democratic caucus that prevent progressive Democratic policies from being enacted – the Blue Dogs and the New Democrats.  

    Can you unequivocally tell us (Democrats and others interested in promoting the progressive policies that Obama ran on) that you will not join the Blue Dog or New Democrat caucuses?

    You may have addressed this in the past – my apologies if I’ve missed it, and please point me the links.  But even if so, I’d love a reiteration of that commitment.  Thanks!

  6. Only race in California being targeted right now?  Impressive!!  I thought Pete’s question was valid but getting DFA’s endorsement (which I’ve worked on campaigns who couldn’t get it) does mean a lot and speaks volumes to us here at the grassroots level who started out as Dean supporters and moved on to Obama.  You obviously deserve our support Bill.

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