April 6, 2009 Open Thread

It's Spring Break!  Do you think all the legislators are off doing Spring Breaky things?  Drinking too much Anchor Steam and fine California zinfadels?  Well, wherever they may be, I'm sure they are having a blast.  Let's head to the links.

  • Jude Barry, fresh off the Garamendi for Guv campaign, says that Silicon Valley will be huge in the contest. He compares all the candidates to Silicon Valley companies.  Shockingly, Whitman is eBay.
  • 3,100 immigrant workers in the construction industry won a major settlement against their employers for labor violations, including wage and hour concerns.  The settlement comes to $8.5 million dollars.
  • The SacBee compares our three year-long drought to Australia’s Millennium Drought.  Their survival plan offers a hint for what can happen here.
  • Gov. Schwarzenegger hired Laura Chick, LA City Controller, to watch the stimulus funds.  Chick is a great person and all, but don't we have somebody for this job in the first place?  You know, the state auditor.  I know Auditor Elaine Howie is all busy making up rules for the redistricting commission, but watching the money coming into the state is really the point of her gig. Plus, you know, the state already has an elected controller, John Chiang, who does this type of thing too.  Boy, does he know how to blow up the boxes, doesn't he?
  • The Screen Actors Guild and the studios are apparently getting close to a deal.  There were a lot of concerns of another strike, so good news is very welcome in Hollywood.
  • You probably heard about IBM pulling its offer for Sun, but don't count this deal out yet.  There's not a whole lot of other competition for Sun, but the fit with IBM makes a lot of sense.
  • With the passing of Dick O'Neill, who lead the state party in the pre-Jerry Brown days, Bill Cavala looks back at the era before professionalization of the CDP. O'Neill brought new ideas, like direct mail, to the CDP while reaching out to new areas of the state.