What Democratic Clubs and Groups Oppose Prop 1A?

Quick question?

What Democratic Clubs and Groups Oppose Prop 1A?

We’ve seen individual posts on some clubs opposing 1A, but I don’t think we’ve seen a comprehensive list.  Since the opposition campaign to 1A is just now up and running, I’m wondering if we should keep a list of group and clubs we know about that are opposing this disaster of a proposition?

Any clubs and groups you know of?  

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  1. Paul posted this a few days ago, but SF Young Dems, Harvey Milk Dem Club, and the Portrero Dem Club voted against it. I’m not sure of other clubs though.

  2. The Alameda County Democratic Central Committee voted at our March meeting to oppose 1A – we haven’t taken a position on the other initiatives.

    Last night, the East Bay Young Dems voted to oppose 1A, 1C, 1D, 1E, and 1F. We took no position on 1B.

  3. West Hollywood Democratic Club:  No on 1A, 1C, 1D, 1F.  No Position on 1B; Yes on 1E.

  4. but now I’m curious about the rest.  We have many clubs in the Coachella Valley, and a few are new.

    I’m torn, because school districts labor under the belief that without passage of all, there’s no other recourse to recoup the 6 billion toward education that they’re supposed to ensure.  

    No passage, more layoffs.  However, 1A is idiotic.

  5. LA County Democratic Party:  “Neutral” on 1A; Yes on 1B, 1C, and 1F; No on 1D and 1E.

  6. Stonewall Democratic Club, Los Angeles

    No on 1A

    No Consensus on 1B

    No Position on 1C

    No on 1D

    No on 1E

    Yes on 1F

  7. I went up on the CA Dem Council site and emailed every Dem Club in LA County that had an email contact to inquire re: decisions they’ve made on all the props.

    If everyone did this for their county, I’m sure we could cover a sizeable number of Dem Clubs..  

  8. The Metropolitan Greater Oakland (MGO) Democratic Club voted on April 16th as follows:

     1A – NO

     1B – YES

     1C – ‘no position’

     1D – NO

     1E – NO

     1F – YES

    -Dan Kalb

     Vice-president, MGO Democratic Club

     Oakland, CA

  9. The Raoul Wallenberg Jewish Democratic Club’s board of directors is recommending a NO vote on all the May special election propositions.  [Note, that this is a RWJDC board recommendation, not a formal club membership endorsement.]  

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