Q1 Congressional Reports

So the first quarter of fundraising for the 2010 cycle ended, and this week the reports were filed.  Swing State Project has a good roundup.  Here’s what I found interesting:

• In CA-48, Beth Krom had an unusually strong quarter, considering she entered the race in the middle of it.  She raised $63,000 for the quarter, actually beating the incumbent, John Campbell, who raised $55,000.  Now, in 2008 candidates like Nick Leibham and Debbie Cook beat their incumbent counterparts in fundraising repeatedly, but had major disadvantages in cash on hand because the incumbents had assembled war chests from prior fundraising.  And that’s the case here too – Campbell has $300,000 CoH, while Krom has $61,000, a 5-to-1 advantage.  But to beat Campbell so early in the cycle shows a lot of potential.

• Debbie Cook, Charlie Brown and Bill Durston basically raised no money in the quarter, dampening any expectation that they will run again in their respective districts.  Durston raised $9,000, but that was probably all before he hinted at dropping out due to medical troubles.

• In CA-44, Bill Hedrick may be getting national attention, but he’s not raising national numbers, and if he continues to put up $14,000 for a quarter, the D-Trip will either walk away or look for another challenger.  I respect the hell out of Hedrick but he’s got to do better than that.

• CA-37 is absolutely ripe for a primary challenge.  Noted deadbeat Laura Richardson raised a paltry $28,500, as an incumbent, and her $39,000 cash on hand is dwarfed by $363,000 in debt.  We deserve better than Laura Richardson in that very blue district.

• Jerry McNerney put up a $275,000 quarter in CA-11.

• His numbers weren’t spectacular, but Palm Springs Mayor Steve Pougnet is drawing some attention for his challenge to Mary Bono Mack in CA-45.  This is another “Obama Republican” district, and Pougnet, a gay father of two, has an interesting profile for the district and a proven record in the community.  This one bears watching.

9 thoughts on “Q1 Congressional Reports”

  1. I haven’t seen the breakdown of the individual contributors for Hedrick but why doesn’t our Dem House members pony up a double-max contribution from their campaign accounts to Hedrick?

    It’s seed money to get his campaign going. If thus 30 of our Dem members did that he’d have well-over 100K.

    They should be doing the same thing for CA-3 granted there is no challenger yet; but they get involved in primaries – see McNerney v. Filson in 2006. Even without a declared challenger money could be set aside for the general election candidate. Hint Hint: Garamendi.

    Facebook Page for the Draft Garamendi for CA-3 here.

  2. Its not reasonable to compare CA-44 candidates fundraising levels with Northern or San Diego counties. The CD-44 is a low income with low numbers of campaign donors. Bill ran an excellent campaign with scarce funds but plenty of grassroots, organizational and youth mobilization. He gained better than expected support and almost won. Bill earned our support for 2010. The demographics are in our favor, every month hundress if not thousands of Latino citizens reach voting age and many other become naturalized. We learned to mobilize the Latino vote and will continue in 2010 to the benefit of the Democratic candidates.


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