4 thoughts on “No On Prop 1D Releases Hard-hitting Newspaper ad”

  1. I’m not sure how the “BABY KILLER” headline will play with the anti-abortion folks, but, considering how well it’s worked for the “pro-life” movement over the last 40 years, I have a strange feeling that many pro-choicers will get turned off by that headline and not take the rest of the ad seriously-or vote for 1D just to spite the ad-makers.

    Then again, if the anti-abortion folks are behind this ad, or are brought in because of it, this could be a net plus.  They have a lot of resources and a base that is relatively easily organized.  In a special election turnout game, that might just put the no side on top.  Moreover, the anti-abortion folks are more likely to be conservatives who are in turn more likely to oppose the rest of the special election deal.  But before I read too much into this and credit this one ad with bringing down the Schwarzenegger Administration, I would like to see the anti-abortion reaction to this.

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