CA-10: Joan Buchanan Enters Race

With John Garamendi’s announcement yesterday, and the State Democratic Convention kicking off tomorrow, I had a feeling this announcement might be coming today.

She’s has made it official…Joan Buchanan is entering the race for California’s 10th Congressional District.

Joan Buchanan For Congress

After consulting with hundreds of community leaders, voters, elected colleagues and activists across our region; after considering the extraordinary financial challenges facing the country; and after carefully evaluating where I can make the most significant contribution, I have decided that I will be a candidate for Congress in our district.

We now have 3 great Democratic candidates in the race for the 10th…not to mention the newcomers who have yet to had a chance to really prove themselves and tell their stories.

I had really hoped that the race for the 10th wouldn’t come down to this…at the same time, I can’t blame Joan Buchanan for running. This really is a possible once in a lifetime opportunity for her. I just fear things are going to get very ugly between people that I respect & admire, and am in no hurry to either watch or participate in the trainwreck.

But we’re here now and all we can do is move forward.

I’m still hoping John Garamendi will reconsider, and run against Lungren in the 3rd. I really do think it’s what’s best for everybody…Garamendi included.

As for Joan Buchanan & Mark DeSaulnier…a decision to support one or the other is not going to be easy an easy one to make.

On a personal level…I really like Joan Buchanan. I also have a lot of respect for what she was able to accomplish in taking back the 15th for Dems. She’s just so new in the legislature though, that there are a number of issues in which I have no idea where she stands…also, I do worry about who would replace her in the 15th.

Mark DeSaulnier on the other hand, I’m learning is a pretty great guy himself. Not only has he been involved at the local level on a number of issues for years, the impression that I get from everybody I meet with in the district, is that he is absolutely adored by his many supporters. The enthusiasm for DeSaulnier is infectious. He also has the support of the party & local labor groups behind him, which does count for something I suppose.

And then there is still Adriel Hampton to consider and the candidate that I am really interested to hear more from, Anthony Woods.

Joan Buchanan has it right…

This isn’t the Spring I expected!

I think we’re all in that club right now.

20 thoughts on “CA-10: Joan Buchanan Enters Race”

  1. 3 great Democratic candidates in the race for the 10th

    Indeed. Garamendi, Hampton, and Woods.

    And then there is DeSaulnier and Buchanan.

  2. to the Assembly leadership for her to run.  Obviously she’s not beholden to anyone, but people spent millions and put themselves on the line to get her elected in a seat that could easily flip in a special.  Let’s just say that I’d be shocked if Bass lifts a finger to help her, whereas in past special elections Sacto staff is always dispatched to GOTV.

  3. All the candidates should check with Jackie Spier to find out what it’s like to run against John Garamendi. Mark DeSaulnier is a stellar individual so this is a tough call. Joan is not making many friends by abandoning a hard fought win in a swing assembly district, the 15th.  

  4. The House of Representatives has only 75 women out of 435…we need more women in DC not more of the good old boys.

  5. So if Buchanan wins, we have to get back to work in an area we have momentum in anyway.  The more organizing we do there, the bluer it gets and the more likely we are to hold onto the area for a long time, even after the lines are redrawn in two years.

    Democrats won the special Congressional election in New York recently despite the fact it was a conservative district.  They worked hard and won.  We’ve only gotten stronger in AD15 and who’s to say we can only win it with her?

    Tough to blame someone for going after a Congressional seat that only opens twice, maybe three times in a lifetime.  Yes, it’ll be tougher to get to 2/3rds in the short term but we’re working on that issue, too.

  6. If Garamendi runs in CA-3, he will be struggle to keep the seat for as long as he is in the House, and he will not be able to legislate as a progressive.

    If he runs in CA-10, he can probably keep the seat indefinitely, and can legislate as the progressive he is.

    I’m not even saying that I necessarily will even endorse him (for all my opinion matters.)  I’m saying that trying to convince him that he has some duty to run in CA-3 rather than CA-10 is silliness.  There is very little question as to which race is better for his political future.

  7. Disappointed that Torlakson decided not to run for this congressional seat.  He will make a fine St. Superintendent of Public Instruction, though.  

    While Buchanan, DeSaulnier, and Garamendi are each very good folk and whichever one wins will be an excellent Member of Congress, I think Torlakson would have been the best of the bunch.

    I’d be quite disappointed if we lost Buchanan’s Assembly seat to the Reps. Of course, if DeSaulnier wins, his seat could go to the conservative Dem Canciamilla–which would be horrible!!  And if Garamendi wins, we’ll have a Rep as a Lt. Gov, giving that person a leg up in 2010.  

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