CDP Convention Tomorrow – Last Chance To Sign Petitions To Impeach Bybee

I’ll do a fuller convention preview post in the morning, but just a final mention – I have a petition to tell the CDP to support the resolution to impeach federal Judge Jay Bybee, who sits on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals despite having been one of the architects of the flawed legal justification for torture committed in our name.  There are musings about independent commissions and special prosecutors in Washington, but I believe we must press on all fronts, and the impeachment of Bybee, who sits on the 9th Circuit in San Francisco, is particularly acute here in this state.  Currently I have 4,435 signatures – please sign by midnight tonight and I will present yours and everyone else’s name at the Resolutions Committee tomorrow at 3pm.  If we get this resolution passed, we will have a powerful tool to force California members of Congress to initiate hearings in the House Judiciary Committee to impeach Bybee.  I think it’s absolutely possible that we make this happen over the weekend – but the leadership of the CDP needs to know that there’s a large and powerful constituency behind this effort.

Please sign the petition if you haven’t already.  And the Courage Campaign has their own petition, with around 8,500 signatures at last count.  13,000 people arguing for impeachment is a powerful number – let’s go for more.

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  1. The Solano County Democratic Central Committee unanimously adopted a resolution Wednesday night (nearly identical to the LACDD resolution) urging the impeachment of Bybee.

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