April 23 Open Thread

To the links:

• A California investment firm gave kickbacks to indicted political consultant Hank Morris for help getting contracts with CalPERS and CalSTRS.

• Ted Lieu announced on Twitter his first major endorsement in his campaign for Attorney General, garnering the support of LA County Sheriff Lee Baca.  Earlier this week, Senate President pro Tem Darrell Steinberg endorsed San Francisco DA Kamala Harris in this seat.

• CA-04: Tom “Baghdad Bob” McClintock doesn’t think there’s a water crisis in the state, despite the, er, three-year drought and major loss of snowpack.  Apparently there’s water everywhere but environmental regulations don’t let us touch it.  Stupid regulations!  And the Republicans retreat into a spider hole of denial yet again.

• We sold more bonds, yay! There are a slew of stories about this, but if you recall the post about all sorts of bond news, you’ll remember that these ones are federally backed.

• RNC member and former CRP chair Shawn Steel wants Mike Villines to resign. Something about tax increases or other craziness.

• The SEIU 1000 agreement is still in trouble. No Republicans have joined the Democratic majority to get to 2/3. This is nothing but political pettiness on the part of the minority.

• Jerry Brown, still doing his current job as Attorney General, sued Wells Fargo today for $1.5 billion dollars over defrauding investors with bad advice on auction-rate securities.  That’s one way to do an economic stimulus!

• Ooh, the Governator plants trees! That’ll really drive his poll numbers up.

* The Courage Campaign is polling its members on their May 19th endorsements. Their staff is recommending No on all, except for Prop 1B, where they are neutral. That is quite similar to Calitic’s own endorsements of No on everything.

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  1. I was saddened to read the Courage Campaign is stacking the deck instead of actually providing its members with a balanced debate on the Props.

    Let me see: let’s put three NO advocates on the phone, have emails written from someone who already has declared a NO position, and THEN ask the membership what it thinks.


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