May 6 Open Thread

You know how this works:

Meg Whitman <3’s Van Jones? Apparently she “got to know him very well” but struggled to remember his name.  Sounds like a politician already.

Jane Harman is really rather mildly peeved by all this wiretapping, especially when it happens to her.

• I’m trying to muster up the gumption to feel bad for Miss California, but I just can’t.  Inserting yourself into the private lives of others means that you give up the ability to be shocked when your private life becomes news.  

• Similarly, this pitying article about the downfall of Arnold Schwarzenegger does little more than make me laugh.  I guess I’m supposed to feel bad that the post-partisan action hero of the national media was “taken down.”  Of course, Schwarzenegger did it entirely to himself.  

• This may be controversial, so let me say that I, Dave, have no objection to performance-based budgeting.  Progressives should demand competent government more than anyone, because we believe that government can work to improve people’s lives.  It’s conservatives who use government as a profit-taking machine for corporate cronies.

• Pete Stark is in the hospital for a case of pneumonia.  Best wishes!  Of course, Stark is using the incident to promote health care reform.

• Apparently the OC Register thinks newly announced candidate Asm. Van Tran’s race against Loretta Sanchez will be “one of the hottest races.” The district’s PVI rating is d+4.

2 thoughts on “May 6 Open Thread”

  1. The 47CD has a GOP registration of 32%. That is not even a close call–its a non-starter.

    The Republican Party is in a death spiral and the very best hope they have in 2010 is to not lose more that two Congressional seats.

  2. Seriously, you can’t claim any kind of moral superiority when you have fake boobs.  You just can’t.  

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