The California Right Knows Neither Mssrs. Kettle Nor Pot

PhotobucketWhile you weren’t paying attention, the LA Times got word of the Supreme Court decision on Prop 8. No, they don’t actually have any word from the court, but “some people are saying”:

The California Supreme Court is expected to uphold Proposition 8, November’s ballot measure banning same-sex marriage, with a decision coming in the next few weeks.(LAT 5/7/09)

Oh, well, if some people are saying, then it must be true.

The article goes on to talk about the broad-based, grassroots movement for repeal of Prop 8. Throughout the state, you have what we never had in the run-up to Prop 8, a true neighbor to neighbor outreach program.  We have more field efforts now, before there is even a measure filed with the AG’s office, than we ever did during the “campaign.” From established Progressive and LGBT organizations to brand new grassroots teams, this thing is bubbling up.  Just like Jaws: The Revenge, this time it’s personal, because also like Jaws: The Revenge, Prop 8 was a horrible movie.

But, this is still the first time that progressives have ever worked to put an affirmative measure before the people. The Right’s GOTV “marriage protection” measure Prop 22 got well over 60% of the vote, yet Prop 8 just barely squeaked by.  The tide is turning. But of course, the Right wants to freeze time right there:

“There’s no doubt the other side is going to try to make great hay out of Iowa and Maine . . . but none of those places are California. And California voters have now twice voted on this,” he said. “What part of ‘No’ don’t they understand?”

Well, this is just rich, coming from California’s Social Right. How many times has parental notification gone down now? Let’s see, there was Prop 73, then Prop 85, and then Prop 4. So, that would be 3, or, to be exact, 3 more times than progressives have tried to put marriage equality on the ballot.  Really, Mr. Schubert? You are going to use that line and expect to get away with brutalizing the scions of logic?

Oh, surely Socrates and Plato are spinning wildly in their graves right about now.

5 thoughts on “The California Right Knows Neither Mssrs. Kettle Nor Pot”

  1. The “hay” that the Right wing fears we will make out of Iowa, New Hampshire, and Maine is to expose all of the lies they told to get Prop 8 passed.  Once 2010 arrives, everyone will ask: Has a single church been shut down in these states for refusing to perform a same-sex marriage?  Have any of them lost their tax-exempt status because of it?  Have the schools been forced to teach how men have sex with men in 2nd grade?  Of course, the answers will all be ‘no.’

    Once next year arrives and at least three states have recognized same-sex marriage for a year, people will realize that the sky never fell as the right wing nuts promised it would.  Real-life experience will show that all of their arguments were based on lies, and they’ll have nothing left to argue except “Adam & Eve, not Adam & Steve.”  They have every reason to be very, very fearful of a 2010 measure to repeal Prop 8, and it shows.

  2. There’s no doubt the other side is going to try to make great hay out of Iowa and Maine . . . but none of those places are California

    Just because a policy is correct for a liberal state like Iowa does not mean it is appropriate for California.

  3. There may be a letter to the Los Angeles Times about the absurdity of Frank Schubert. Writing to the LAT is easier than sending an email to him on his Flash Report email box.

    Even though it may be annoying for our side to endure parental notification campaigns they have a right to the ballot box just as much as marriage equality activists. Attitudes are changing across the nation and social conservatives are afraid of the reality of the North Eastern states that made marriage equal.

    We must call attention to the absurdity of our opposition, it makes their arguments weak.  

  4. The “What Part of No don’t they understand” argument exposes their whole political flank.  It is cut from the same cloth as George Wallace’s declaration of  “Segregation now, Segregation tomorrow, Segregation forever.”

    I have to object, however, to the term “brand new grassroots teams.”  You’re implying that these organizations are in the minor leagues of political action compared to EQCA and whoever.  If it weren’t for the grass roots efforts, Prop 8 would have passed by a much larger margin.  They have earned, at the very least, better nomenclature.

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