May 12 Open Thread

One week to go before the special, so much of the news surrounds that.  But there is other news as well.

John Wildermuth agrees with Robert and Dave that the so-called “budget summary” is politically motivated. Boogah-boogah.

• Will the expected compromise deal on climate and energy legislation mean offshore oil drilling off of California shores?

• This very curious story about wage cuts for home health care workers takes another turn, as the White House claims no final decision has been made to rescind stimulus funds.

• John McCain crawled out of bed today and endorsed Jeff Denham for Lieutenant Governor.  Surely Denham’s a shoo-in now that he’s hitched his wagon to that star.

DiFi is pushing two Hispanic judges for the Supreme Court, 9th Circuit Judge Kim Wardlaw and CA Supreme Court Justice Carlos Moreno.  Separately, Barbara Boxer is leading a bipartisan push for a female Justice.  To me (Dave), you shouldn’t support any old nominee just because she’s a she or checks a particular diversity box, you should support them because they’re brilliant.  Fortunately, we have options that satisfy both criteria.

Tony Quinn takes a look at winners and losers if the budget props go down. Basically, he says that everybody loses, because you know, he supports them. But, in the longer explanation he says the big winners are the Legislative Dems and John Burton because Dems will be able to get 2/3 in 2010.

• Assembly members are getting their budgets slashed by 10%.

SB 247 would allow schools to use e-textbooks, assuming they can buy them equally.  Not sure how likely that is at this point, but soon perhaps.