Arnold to Outline Orderly Shock Doctrining of California at 10 AM

The Governor will be presenting his plans on slashing through the budget this morning at 10 AM.  It will be followed by the Democratic response and then the Yacht Party’s Leg leader response. Given the suggested cuts that have gradually trickled out of his office suite, the Horseshoe, you can be fairly comfortable with a few facts. The governor will provide his vision of striking the final blow against the state’s safety net. He will provide no further revenue options, putting himself firmly at the ideological heart of the right wing California Yacht Party.  And he will provide an image of a dark future in a state that could do much, much better.

Calitics will provide live commentary on the speeches. You can watch them live at CalChannel.

One thought on “Arnold to Outline Orderly Shock Doctrining of California at 10 AM”

  1. Got to see the lack-of-drama unfold on CalChannel.

    Really disappointed by Steinberg’s request for a “warm welcome” for the Governor. Encouraged by the tepid response. It appears that Brian’s predictions above were all fulfilled.

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