Sunday June 14 Open Thread

A few links this Sunday morning:

• This SacBee article has much to be interested in. First, you have Bill Lockyer’s spokesman blatantly siding with the Governor over Sen. Steinberg on the issue of the budget reserve. Steinberg wants to spend it, Arnold wants to keep $4.5 billion in there. Annoyingly enough, Lockyer seems to be sticking with they guy he voted for back in 2003, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Beyond that, you have the unnecessarily hostile framing from the Bee. The headline is about how the Legislature always fails to pass a budget by the constitutional deadline of June 15.  You have to read down to the third ‘graf to see that the Legislature has already passed a budget.

Finally, you have the specter of IOUs once again being issued. Those were super popular a few months ago, so I’m sure everyone is excited to see that news. Or something. Speaking of the Budget, the Merc has a decent Budget 101 report.

• The LA Times reminds us that we aren’t trying to emerge from just one bubble.  We’ve never really come out of the bust cycle in manufacturing.

eMeg vs. Crazy Steve. CalBuzz has the latest on the bizarre contest that is the GOP primary for Guv.

• Sure, only part of the Cal-Neva resort is in California, but this story on its financial situation was very intriguing. My husband actually used to work at the Cal-Neva, and we’ve been there a couple of times. It really is a historic place set on the shores of Lake Tahoe. But it didn’t receive a single bid in auction, and its future is up in the air.