Asm. Juan Arambula Leaves the Democratic Party

Assemblyman Juan Arambula has ditched the Assembly Democratic Caucus.

Arambula tells Action News he is changing party affiliations from democrat (sic) to independent.

Arambula says he made the change because of differences with the Democratic Party over how to solve the state’s budget problems. (ABC30 6/22/09)

Arambula is termed out in 2010, so it’s not really all that dramatic, but it will make for some interesting media spin in the next few days.  I’ve confirmed the story, and it seems that the issue is more about the geographical East-West split than the budget per se.  Yes, the budget is part of it, as it is part of every decision made in Sacramento these days.  

However, every issue in Fresno these days is about water.  Farmers, farmworkers and the entire community is dependent upon water for agriculture. It’s why Arnold got an earful during a speech in Fresno intended to be about the budget. Arambula is most assuredly hearing the same kinds of comments.

As for the budget, this most assuredly will play a role in how the Speaker proceeds.  In votes requiring 2/3, she will have to make a more concerted effort to get Arambula’s vote and perhaps this makes majority vote measures more important.

One thought on “Asm. Juan Arambula Leaves the Democratic Party”

  1. we’d need 5 non-Democratic votes to pass anything requiring 2/3.  And though Arambula’s issues might concern water, his stated issue is with the budget, so I doubt he’s gettable on pretty much anything.


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