Independence Day: The Open Thread

The Home of the Free and the Brave Turns 233 tomorrow! w00t! Let’s get to the links:

* The special election to replace Ellen Tauscher (CA-10) will be September 1. That will also be the day to replace former Asm., now Sen., Curren Price in AD-51 (PDF). (h/t to SoS Debra Bowen’s CASOSVote Twitter feed)

* Apparently the Governor’s latest bugaboo is his old bugaboo: waste, fraud and abuse. Arnold thinks it is time to bring that up, despite the fact that his own California Performance Review showed that there really isn’t that much waste, fraud and abuse. At a time when we need real action, Arnold is dithering around the edges.

* The annual summertime revenue anticipation notes will be even more complicated due to our budget crisis. Further complicating the issue is Arnold’s petulance by revoking Controller John Chiang’s ability to issue revenue anticipation warrants, which have a longer time horizon.

* Kamala Harris gets a good story in the LA Times, which some might consider a make-up for this story.

* For your consideration this weekend: The SF Mime Troupe kicks off their summer show “Too Big to Fail” tomorrow in Dolores Park in SF. I (Brian) saw the sneak preview today, and it was quite enjoyable.

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  1. Arnold’s proclamation says November 3rd; do you mean that the PRIMARY is 9/1?

  2. for once.  It’s too easy to malign a mime, and it’s a damn fine art form.

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