July 15 Open Thread

Links from around the state:

• Asm. Tom Ammiano cites a Board of Equalization study that shows regulating and taxing marijuana could bring in additional $1.3 Billion annually.

• How to create your own facts. Arnold’s people and his conservative allies have been going after in-home support services for its supposed 25% fraud rate.  Except that the figure is almost certainly false.  Where it comes from is a trail of circles with no real answers.

• A proposed design for the 49ers stadium in Santa Clara.

• It looks to me like California will have the same amount of Congressional seats after the 2010 Census, but the possibility exists for us to lose one seat as well.  That would be the first lack of increase in seats since the 1920s.

• Yet another national article about states seeking to reduce the cost of maintaining their prisons through alternative sentencing and streamlined parole.  Why this is not a part of the conversation in California is absolutely stunning.

• The CDP brought a complaint to the FPPC about “Governor Schwarzenegger’s Dream Team.” Interestingly, the former Chair of the FPPC has done a substantial amount of work for that committee.

• Peter Schrag takes on the flat taxers on the march, and wins.  He rightly calls the Parsky Commission “a Trojan horse aimed at California’s progressive income tax policies.”

• CSU Chancellor Charles Reed is a bit upset with the curriculum in California’s K-12 education.  He went after the graduation requirements as far too lax and the curriculum being short of what is required by universities. Over half of CSU’s students require remedial math or English courses.

• One more from Brian: A verry talented attorney is suing CitiApartments, one of the biggest landlords in San Francisco for refusing to return security deposits. It is a terrible practice, especially in this economy for people that really need that money back. NBC Bay area had a story about the CitiApartments Lawsuit yesterday.

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  1. and they’re ugly.  

    The commission’s staff analysis concludes that the 6 percent flat tax would increase the share of state income taxes paid by 93 percent of tax filers (those with taxable incomes of less than $100,000), slightly decrease the share paid by the 5 percent of tax filers with incomes between $100,000 and $200,000 and dramatically decrease the share paid by the 2 percent of filers with incomes of more than $200,000.

     (Emphases mine.)  http://www.venturacountystar.c

    Anyone in San Francisco planning on attending their meeting, crashing their gate, and/or protesting?  I’m in SoCal and am not volunteering to organize anything.

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