August 6 Open Thread


• Asm. Van Tran (R-OC) arrived on the scene of Westminster Councilman’s Andy Quach’s DUI arrest, and was so disruptive that he too almost got arrested.

• The Governor signed 128 bills and vetoed 9. You can find the full list here: Part 1, and Part 2. Is your favorite bill there? Tell us about it.

Josh Richman sits down for a chat with the always exciting Garry South

• The Franchise Tax Board is going to audit 160K head of household taxpayers to see that they properly claimed the status.

2 thoughts on “August 6 Open Thread”

  1. …stating that California required everyone to buy auto insurance and rates went up anyway… and the same thing will happen with “universal health care”.

    This nonsense probably is – or will soon be – going viral. So I’d like to share my response to the idiot’s letter. Forewarned is forearmed.

    Mr. H stated that auto insurance rates have gone up in California since regulation was imposed by Prop-103. He is correct.

    Between 1989 and 2005 in-state insurance rate rose by 12.9%

    During that same period, insurance rates increased in all other states by an average of 50.2%. California had the LOWEST rate increase in the nation.

    California’s strict oversight of auto insurance providers is a SUCCESS STORY, and a good example of the kind of reform we now need in HEALTH INSURANCE.


    Mr. Hicks has been duped by talk-radio fear mongers who will say ANYTHING to protect insurance industry profits.

    I hope he gets angry about THAT.

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