VIDEO: Faithful Mormon testifies against Prop 8 in church

A courageous Mormon begins testifying earnestly (and exceedingly calmly) against Prop 8 in church … and the LDS bishop turns off the microphone!

If only more of the faithful could be so brave …

The video speaks for itself:

More Mormons (and more LDS Fast and Testimony meetings) like this one, please.

Bravo, sir!

Any chance a Maine Catholic or two might find the gumption to take a similar stand in the coming weeks?

It’s time to stand up and face down these swiftboating political false prophets.

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    From Red County Placer, the race for the 5th Assembly District

    Look how prop 8 attorney Andrew Pugno is using the Prop 8 apparatus to fundraise, recent robocall:

    Hello, this is Andy Pugno chief counsel for Prop 8 the traditional marriage amendment. Here in my local community an advocate for same-sex marriage is running for the state assembly, we must do whatever it takes to stop them from stealing this assembly seat. So I have entered the race as a pro-traditional marriage candidate, but I need your help to win. I just mailed you some important information that I hope you will read closely. I would really appreciate your support, thank you. Paid for by Andy Pugno for assembly 2010 916-932-2166″

    The blogger is one of McClintock’s from the last election, that has changed his username, probably because he doesn’t want business fallout from continuing to peddle this crap. He’s now writing a lot of pieces for Steve Poizner, the current Insurance commissioner, for Governor.

    He keeps talking about how much the attorney Pugno has raised for this race.  Note please to the people in Maine as well as here in CA, that they will need to check the cal access accounts from all of these protect groups.

    Pugno has seeded himself $100,000.  Here is his filing from the first half of this year, ranked by contributions and amounts-

    Now look this year’s expenditures from the committee of Yes on 8 A Project of CA Renewal

    See how the first entry of expenditures is to Prop 8 Legal Defense Fund, “Civic Donations” $350,000 bucks ?  

    So where exactly did that money go ? Pugno ?

    See also, how the 3rd highest amount is $3,900 from Fieldstead & Company, that is the millionaire SoCal banker, real estate developer and religious extremist Howard Ahmanson, who gave so much money to Prop 8 (and to Tom McClintock via Prop 8, under his own name, under his wife Roberta’s name, and under the “Fieldstead” company name.)

    There are also two $3,900 contributions from Terry and Perry Pugno of Prairie Villiage KS, a real family affair.

    See also the money from Francis Schubert of Schubert Flint Public Affairs, which is the PR firm that ran the Prop 8 campaign here in CA and has now migrated to Maine.

    There is also $500 from Joseph Infranco of the Alliance Defense Fund of Scottsdale AZ.…  a “Christian” legal firm which does the “family values” routine against the ACLU, see also Blackstone Legal Institute, Dobson and Focus on the Family.

    Alliance Defense Fund Major Donors include Bill and Berniece Grewcock Foundation, Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation, Bradley Foundation.

    The DeVos’ (Amway, and Richard is the father of Dick, married to Betsy, the sister of Erik Prince of the Blackwater, now xe mercenary company) also were huge Prop 8 donors.

    Elsa Prince has her very own Independent Expenditure committee….


    Notice how this is fairly big firepower for one measily CA state assembly seat.  

    To search for other Prop 8 donors who are currently active, you can go to cal access, campaign finance, and pick what letter of the alphabet Pugno 2010 is under “P”, but conveniently, so is “Protect Marriage” and you can sort the different years and by amount. Please also check how on Pugno’s filing the amount of expenditure on the header summary does not match the amount when the expenditure is clicked for details- it says they spent around $40,000 but they only account for $4,000, that’s a whopping difference.

    Certainly this entire scenario raises serious legal questions.  

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