Stockton Record: Mike Fitzgerald takes on Sean Hannity

I was please to read Mike Fitzgerald’s column in the Stockton Record today.  He rather showed Hannity for what we know him to be, a blithering idiot who will say anything that he gets paid to say. Here is a taste:

Where to begin? Hannity’s show was set in a cotton farm outside Huron. The farm is fallow for lack of water. The Grapes of Wrath, Part II: The Joads of Huron.

Only those ignorant of the oceanic amounts of water needed to farm cotton are oblivious to the irony. If water’s scarce, cotton shouldn’t even be farmed.

“Turn the water back on!” Hannity intoned over and over, sounding like Moses crying “Let my people go!”

In fact, the water has been “turned on” since June 30. Last Sunday – to cite a typical day – the state and federal pumps exported 13,626 acre-feet of water from the Delta.

The pumps sucked hard enough to make Old River, Middle River and the San Joaquin River at Stockton flow backwards.

Read it yourself.  It is much better in a San Joaquin Valley paper.