October 7 Open Thread

First, before we get to the links from around California, I want to point to a diary here.  Right-wing anti-marriage equality activists are trying to take away domestic partnership rights in Washington state.  Please consider contributing to the campaign. You can do so at their website or on the Calitics ActBlue page. Now, to the Links:

• The CoCo Times has a report on Bill Clinton campaigning for John Garamendi. Not that Garamendi will need much help here, he’s a huge favorite. Perhaps that is why the event wasn’t particularly close to the district. David Harmer, the Republican “candidate”, lobbed bombs about the location and that Clinton’s appearance indicated weakness. I (Brian) don’t buy it, the event can only be considered a positive for Garamendi as he does his victory lap towards Congress.

• Chris at LiberalOC is pretty upset about the Jerry Brown/Mike Ramos thing.

• The tourism industry has been hit very hard by the economic crisis. Hotel defaults are rising rapidly, and more foreclosures look likely.

• Get ready to be scared! Boogah-Boogah. Scientists from Rice University published a paper arguing that the Pacific Earthquake in Sumatra might have weakened the San Andreas fault. The article was published in Nature. Nonetheless, the authors aren’t sure if the weakness will make itself known in any of our lifetimes, so don’t head for the bunkers yet.

• Timm Herdt looks at an interesting measure that could end up on the ballot in 2010: a measure to legalize and tax the sale of marijuana.

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