Some News and Other Stuff Open Thread

I was going to try to write something today, but I think I’ll just do an open thread style post with the tabs I had open trying to come up with something to write.  So, check it out:

• Jerry McNerney raised about $250K in the third quarter  to lead all CA-11 candidates. Brad Goehring has about the same in Cash, as he loaned his campaign $650K.

• Willie Brown’s weekly column. Always funny, always about Willie. In this week’s edition: Willie gets forced to take a photo with President Obama.

El Monte’s City Manager resigned after getting caught in a prostitution sting.

One thought on “Some News and Other Stuff Open Thread”

  1. …case study in what is wrong with the ‘Democrat’ Party and why it needs to die and be reborn.

    How much did it cost to attend this excrescent affair?

    His ‘humor’ was not funny to anyone struggling with ‘economy’ the Corporate Slave State has ‘created’ and showed a remarkable lack of political common sense.

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