4 thoughts on “Gavin Newsom Live with Calitics”

  1. Newsom: “if you’re gonna be serious about reform, Prop 13 needs to be in a Constitutional Convention.”

    He then went on to explain he thinks residential protections should be preserved, but a split-roll should be pursued.

    This is significant because the Bay Area Council does not want to include Prop 13 in a Con-Con.

  2. Newsom is pretty impressive.  He is a policy heavyweight and you have a good sense of who he is and where he wants to go.  I would love to see him in a real discussion with Tom Campbell.  I think those are the only two serious candidates (obviously with different points of view).

    I just can’t stand South.

  3. Newsom, when he has time to rehearse, is great at sounding smart. Too bad his record as Mayor is just that – sound smart, have a press conference, then go back to business as usual and always go back on deals you make.

    But hey, he looks good and he says nice things and will be Democratic version of that jerk ass we have in office now if he somehow gets elected because he has no money and no one looks at his record.

    Third candidate, anyone?

  4. that’s the fundamental problem with newsom.  you see him on the stump or in an interview and you think to yourself “this guy’s not half bad.  i could support him.”  

    but then when it comes down to the specifics of governance he’s maddeningly horrible.  

    he refuses to engage the legislative branch.  

    he claims bush like powers to disregard laws he doesn’t like that pass over his vetoes.  

    he thoroughly disengages from any hands on work then kicks it to staff who are thoroughly unaccountable to anyone.  

    third choice is right…

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